Try to plant certain plants in vertical garden.So far, applies to tulips, snapdragons, lilies, bonsai buds.The plants cannot be placed on, planted in, or planted in ground and moved into the planter.All plants able to be placed in vertical gardens.If not, a clear explanation of which plants can and cannot be planted in the vertical garden.Have you installed any customization with the game, e.g.I've found that several plants can't be placed or planted into the vertical garden.So far, this includes bonsai buds, crocuses, tulips, snapdragons and lilies.(I've been focusing on flowers, but it may apply to fruits and vegetables as well.I don't know if this is a bug or by design.If it's by design, a list of which plants are ineligible for planting in the vertical garden would be very helpful.ETA: I went through and created a list of all plants that can not be planted in the planters. .

The Sims 4 Plants and Planters – Bluebellflora

If you are after more information about the plant and what it can do, head over to Carl’s excellent Sims 4 Gardening Guide. .

Solved: [FIXED] [ECO] Can't Evolve Plants In Vertical Garden

Did this issue appear after a specific patch or change you made to your system?Had a plant reach the first point of evolution, but when I tried to have my sim evolve it, nothing happened.The action would pop up in their que and disappear, but no evolution happens.Thought maybe the evolve system was broken, so decided to move the plant into a regular garden pot and test there.Edit By Crinrict: Added Tag to Title. .

Solved: Herbs can't be added to Vertical Garden

Open the packet and attempt to place a seed.Have you installed any customization with the game, e.g.I was excited to try the vertical planters and so I purchased seed through the planters.Not a SINGLE HERB would place at all.These are herbs that were bought specifically THROUGH the planter in the packet and listed as vertical planter seeds so they should be the ones that work but I cannot plant them.I went ahead and tried every single herb in the game and I cannot plant any herb at all.I still cannot place any herbs in the vertical planters. .

How to Get the Meat Plant in Eco Lifestyle

Click on the Vertical Planter and choose: Grow Cruelty Free Meat.If you want to level up in the Civil Designer career fast to unlock this plant you can always use cheats.After one day the cruelty free meat already starts to grow.Can Vegetarian Sims Eat the Cruelty Free Meat?Vegetarian Sim gets uncomfortable being around cruelty free meat, because it can’t be just hanging there, right?They will not touch it so you can’t massage the cruelty free meat as a vegetarian. .


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