LoadingThe Seasons Expansion Pack added several quality-of-life and other changes to Gardening, including how plants are sold. Finally, if you have the Seasons Expansion Pack installed, you can purchase and befriend a Patchy to help you out.

Seasons ChangesThe Seasons Expansion Pack added a number of significant changes to Gardening. Like the three careers introduced in the City Living Expansion Pack, the gardener career can be performed at home. PatchyThe Seasons Expansion Pack also introduces a new scarecrow friend named Patchy.


How to garden in the Sims 4

Gardening is a fantastic pastime in any capacity, and it’s equally fun in the Sims 4. You want first to purchase your Sims, a starter pack of seeds. When you have the item in your Sims’ inventory, take them outside or to the gardening pot you want to plant it in.

The plant’s quality is broken up into five different sections when the plant’s quality reaches that section you can choose to interact with your plant and evolve it. Gardening takes quite a bit of time in The Sims 4. .

The Sims

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Solved: Gardening Issues

My sim is unable to do any of the gardening actions. I can purchase seeds using the buy opetions at the plant or computer but that is it.

If I click attempting to open the packet in my inventory it just disappears in the action box to the left. I can't plant anything using the fruits in the inventory either. Anyone having similar issues? .

How do I start gardening? — The Sims Forums

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Solved: [BY DESIGN] [ECO] Can't place certain plants in vertical

Try to plant certain plants in vertical garden. The plants cannot be placed on, planted in, or planted in ground and moved into the planter.

If not, a clear explanation of which plants can and cannot be planted in the vertical garden. ‌I've found that several plants can't be placed or planted into the vertical garden. If it's by design, a list of which plants are ineligible for planting in the vertical garden would be very helpful. .

How do you use the planter box in Sims 4?

To begin gardening on your home lot, use a computer or buy a garden pot/planter box to “Purchase Seeds”. Likewise, which plants make the most money Sims 4? At Level 3 of the gardening skill you will be able to Fertilize your garden. Is there a money tree in Sims 4? The money tree returns in The Sims 4: Seasons and, like The Sims 3, must be planted and grown by a Sim.


How to Plant Seeds in Sims 4

In Sims 4, there are many different activities your Sims can partake in. How to Plant Seeds for Gardening in Sims 4Here's a step by step guide on how to plant seeds for your garden or farm. Step Three: Place the Seeds and Plant ThemDrag the items you want to plant to the exact area that you want them to grow (you can try some landscape painting for a more authentic look!).

Then, click the plant and select Plant. Your Sim will water every dry plant mound that is nearby (save yourself time by planting everything first!).



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