This project is an excellent way to make the most of the space you have available – and could also help reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill.In this article, I’ll show you how I made two simple vertical gardens using wood pallets.Rather than allow a tree to grow in a natural, standard form, it can be espaliered so it takes up less horizontal (and more vertical) space.(This can be a planting pocket vertical garden like to one described below, or a tower created with a range of different reclaimed or recycled materials.).A structure of pipework which supports plants grown hydroponically (with their roots in water rather than soil).Structures that support hanging planters, which can be placed above other growing areas or containers.But before we get to that, I want to take a moment to explain why creating a vertical garden is such a great idea.Even if you have a larger homestead, with more land, vertical gardens can still be a great way to increase yield.A vertical garden can also be a great way to improve the appearance of an ugly wall or fence.I made these two vertical gardens to give myself more space for growing leafy salad crops.I live in a cool climate, short season region, so my polytunnel is crucial for year-round growing.I already have a hanging shelf (made with leftover polytunnel plastic sheeting and scrap wood) and a trellis (on which I string milk bottles for additional container growing.If you find a pallet that is suitable for shelving as is, you too could simply use it in this way to add growing space in your garden.I cut a piece large enough to cover the back of the pallet I chose, and to flap down to form the bottom of the vertical garden.I made sure that the material was firmly secured to the reverse of the structure, then leant it up against a fence and began to fill it, from the base.I leant the structure up at a 45 degree angle, then carefully begun to fill it from the base.As I filled each section, I added plug plants – so far, some kale (for baby leaf salads), and some Stellaria media (chickweed).Soon, I plan to sow more brassicas, lettuce, spinach and other leafy greens, then transplant them into the soil/compost within this structure.I tend to prefer to use transplants for a vertical garden, but you can also choose to sow seeds directly.Once the seedlings have taken root, I will increase the angle of my vertical garden up against the fence, and water it throughout the growing season.It could be a great way to provide you with a range of leaves and flowers for salads throughout the spring and summer months. .

How to Turn a Shipping Pallet Into a Vertical Garden

some pretty clever upcycled planter projects, but we're particularly smitten with the idea of turning an old shipping pallet into a vertical garden, like Hometalk blogger Diz26.Finally, stencil a cute gardening quote on the front for an inspiring finishing touch.This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. .

Creating a Pallet Garden

Pallets are everywhere, so take the time to find one in good condition and that is not made from pressure-treated wood (due to the leaching from potentially harmful chemicals).It’s a good idea at this point to wear a sturdy pair of gloves while inspecting and cleaning the pallet.Once the pallet is cleaned up and before you add any additional weight to it, go ahead and position it against the wall where you’ll want it mounted.Although you could plant out your pallet with it resting on the ground, placing it on a tabletop or sawhorses makes it easier to work with from a standing position.Lay out the landscape fabric or cloth to cover the back and bottom and cut to size.But in either case, make sure the fabric covers the bottom as well as the back to catch any soil that may otherwise fall out.This step wasn’t included in the DIY segment on the episode but this is an important part of protecting the exterior of the house from the moisture and grime of the pallet garden.Now turn the pallet over and fill with good quality potting soil or container mix.Finally, make sure all the plants are positioned firmly in place and that the roots are in good contact with the surrounding soil.Special thanks to our friend Fern Richardson at Life on the Balcony, for her Pallet Garden plans. .

43 Gorgeous DIY Pallet Garden Ideas to Upcycle Your Wooden Pallets

So the next time you come across a pallet, realize that it can be reconfigured and turned into a wonderful growing space.This means, if you need additional (or simply pretty) growing space, then one of these pallet garden options we are bringing you could very easily work for your home.I’m talking about using plants to draw attention to it instead of placing handmade items in your garden to catch the eyes of passerbyers.Finally, you have your very own hanging herb garden that is a space saver plus it looks gorgeous to boot.Would you like to add a little splash of life or color to your back porch or deck?If you feel the same, then you’ll probably love this vertical pallet garden.You could easily place this pallet design anywhere and produce a lot of vegetation.If you are working on a tight budget, you may not have the funds to build above ground beds.If you look closely you’ll see that they basically just stacked pallets on top of one another.This is a simple DIY project that could add some character to your property without a lot of investment.Pallets are popular choices for petite herb gardens.So if you’d like to have a smaller herb garden without a ton of investment then give this idea a shot.It starts as a horizontal above ground bed that you simply fill with dirt and then plant in it.If you’d like to plant flowers along your porch wall or maybe even next to a back or side door, then this would be a good option for that.I say that because this pallet garden could very easily be trimmed down to fit just about anywhere and hung up just about anywhere.Some of the other vertical pallet gardens we’ve looked at have been pretty big.You simply place your plants inside the pallet, care for them, and watch them grow.They added a few extra touches that really gives it a more rustic appearance, which I’m a huge fan of.However, they took it the extra mile and used chalkboard paint so the herb garden could be easily labeled in order for you to keep track of what you’re growing.All you’ll need to do is stack multiple levels of pallets and fill them with dirt.This makes harvesting easier, and you get additional layers of growing room.However, maybe you don’t like the idea of leaning or hanging pallets up in order to get the other two benefits.So if you love to grow strawberries but have been looking for a good way to do so, then check out this planter.It shows you how to have pallet garden beds brought to your level so there is no bending when harvesting or planting.Also, it has a large vertical pallet garden in the center that is great as far as function goes.It isn’t just a table constructed from pallets, but it also has an herb garden growing in the middle.Also, they added nice little hooks at the top to hold any small gardening tools that you might need in order to take care of or plant this planter.I also love how they painted it a beautiful color and placed it as a centerpiece in their front yard.So if you’ve been looking for something unique yet inexpensive to bring a little extra life to your yard, then consider this pallet garden project.It doesn’t take up much space while still adding some rustic country charm.Also, if you plant the right flowers it is meant to attract butterflies which would be a beautiful sight as you enter your home.If you’ve come across a beautiful cedar pallet, then you might be wondering how in the world to use this gorgeous item.You could easily turn it into a vertical planter that could hold anything from flower to herbs to vegetables, if desired.It has different levels of growing space and also is designed to display, in a different fashion, whatever is planted within the pallet garden.Well, look no further because this unique pallet idea will have you displaying those planters in no time.Instead pull together a few pallets and a few planter boxes and create a wall garden.If you don’t have a lot of money to sink into a gorgeous outdoor grow/sitting space, then you need to check out this design.They did this by basically putting multiple pallets together, painting them, planting in them, and adding a neat little chair.So if you are in need of a raised garden bed without a huge price tag, then consider this option.So if you need something decorative and functional with a low price tag, then you might want to consider this pallet garden idea.They didn’t do anything to really clean up the pallet as they left an old ring still visible on it.So if you need something simple to plant your herbs in while also sticking with a rustic décor theme, then you might want to consider this option.So if you are looking for a way to grow a lot of plants in an organized way, then this might be a good fit for you.If you are needing an inexpensive way to plant above ground, then look no further than the average pallet.So this design is basically just showing you how functional and easily a pallet can be used for this.This pallet garden bed is shown being used on a patio which is a unique idea.So if you like the idea of having an above ground garden bed right outside on your patio, then this could be a budget-friendly option for that.Would you love to have a neat way to display those flowers that won’t cost you a fortune?It takes up very little room, is made from pallets so it doesn’t cost much, and does a great job at displaying those beautiful flowers that you enjoy so much.So if you have a spare pallet, then turn it into this beautiful masterpiece in order to display your flowers and give your yard a splash of character.It does a great job at adding a splash of color and natural design to your yard.The added door is great because it keeps pets out of your garden bed as well.So you can deconstruct pallets for the wood to build these great rustic planters.However, they take the middle section and fill it with straw which is actually a great idea.Hopefully this will inspire you to tap into an inexpensive resource and upcycle them into some amazing and decorative creations. .

25 Simple Ways To Build A Pallet Planter

They all involve wooden pallets and planters and we’re pretty sure you’ll find them charming.Next time you are at the hardware store, grab some garden or weed barrier fabric and staple it to the back and sides of the pallet.Ensure you completely cover the back so that the soil will stay in your planter.You probably noticed as you were putting the fabric on the sides and back of your pallet that you had a little extra hanging off at the corners.Pull the fabric tight in these areas, then fold over the excess material and staple it in place.Taking a pallet that belongs to a company is considered stealing, and while it isn’t unsafe for your health, it will definitely put a damper on your gardening being accosted by the police.Sadly, wooden pallets are frequently subject to rot, especially when in a moist climate.When making a wood pallet planter, you should expect it to have a lifespan of about 3-5 years before it will begin to rot and you will need to replace it.Check your garden frequently to ensure your pallet isn’t becoming buried under other dirt and debris like wet leaves.Acquire a plant safe wood sealer and use it to seal your pallet planter.For those making a vertical pallet planter, don’t be afraid to grab a few milk jugs or pails to hang on the side to add more space and dimension to your pallet planter.You will additionally want to make sure you have a way for excess water to escape from the lining of your planter.Let’s start with something simple: a vertical planter holder which you can easily put together using a wooden pallet.You can either use an entire pallet as it is or you can cut one to the desired size in which case you won’t need extra boards for the box shelves.There are also other ways to use pallets if you want to create a shelving unit or a stand for your potted plants.The plants are the focus so you don’t want to steal the attention from them with too many colors or eye-catching forms.In case you’re missing a potting bench, we can show you how to build one out of two small pallets.You can figure out the proportions based on how big you want this potting bench to be or you can just follow the instructions on Apieceofrainbow.Even if you have a smaller space, you’ll be able to find small pallets to fit your needs.You can either use pieces from an actual pallet to build something similar or you can use any leftover wood you can find.Either way, it should be fairly easy to create a tiered structure that can hold small plants.In case you need some extra inspiration, you can check out the original post on Dreamalittlebigger.If there’s something we learned so far it’s that you can turn pallets into pretty much anything and planter boxes and stands are among the simplest transformations.You can paint them in bold colors as demonstrated here, or go for something a little subtler to fit your home décor.This whole pallet planter project is ideal for anyone who is looking for more environmentally friendly ways to decorate their garden and home this year.You don’t need much to build a pallet planter holder, at least not for the one featured on Floralandfeather.If you have a pallet, some landscaping or weed control fabric, a staple gun, and scissors you’re good to go.The instructions are simple so it should only take you a few minutes to plan the whole thing and then to execute the project.If you want to have your own vegetable garden but you don’t really know where to start and how to organize things, you should check out Arrowdynamicblog.Then nail a tarp to the bottom of the pallet and poke holes so the water can drain out.You can also cut out some letters to spell “garden” and to make laminated labels for everything you’ve planted.You can basically grow anything you want if the conditions are right and what better way to enjoy the process than with a custom, handmade planter?A weathered timber pallet would be perfect if you want to make a vertical planter for succulents.According to the instructions on Theurchincollective, in addition to the pallet, you’ll also need a roll of weed mat, a staple gun, some potting soil, and succulents.Of course, you don’t have to embrace the weathered, unfinished look if you prefer something a bit more polished or perhaps more colorful.Once this part is done, you can take care of the rest such as putting in the potting soil but not before stapling some landscape fabric to the back of the pallet.A job well done requires a lot of attention to detail, even something as simple as turning a pallet into a planter.The vertical ones like the one featured on gingersnapcrafts are great because they’re space-efficient and can be built from scratch without a lot of resources.The idea is to make multiple wooden boxes that you can plant stuff in, creating several layers, as many as you think you’re going to need.This pallet herb garden is nice and small, easy and cheap to make, and can be easily incorporated into an outdoor area.A single pallet is quite enough for crafting a cute vertical planter like the one we found on themicrogardener.The paint really helps to change the look of the pallet and is great if you want the planter to match your garden fence or something else.When it’s nice and sunny you can move it out in the open and when it’s ugly or cold you can keep it on the patio or even inside.With that in mind, if you want to see how a basic pallet planter is built and how you can customize it to suit your style, check out Silverline Tools on youtube to get a better idea of the whole process.Some methods require less work and modifications to the pallet itself and they take advantage of its structure.This video tutorial by Lovely Greens for instance explains how you can turn a pallet into a planter box.The reclaimed wood is a nice and cheap resource for projects like this and allows you to organize your beautiful garden and start growing veggies, herbs, and various other things without breaking the bank.It has only three layers which are actually perfect because it leaves plenty of space for taller herbs like rosemary or thyme to grow.First, you take apartment the pallets after which you can reuse all the boards to make a stylish planter box for your porch or balcony.If your planter is likely to blow away without adding rocks to the bottom, then definitely add them for the extra weight.So for those that don’t need the extra weight, it’s best to skip the rocks in the bottom of your pallet planter.Yes, pallet wood can attract bugs such as termites and roaches if these pests can be found in your area.To avoid bugs infesting your pallet planter, consider sealing the wood with a plant friendly sealer.If a pallet bed has been treated with MB, it is bad for your health, as this chemical (methyl bromide) has been shown to damage human lungs.As long as you ensure your pallet wood isn’t treated with any chemicals and only heat (marked HT) it is safe for your plants and your health.Pallets are an inexpensive and versatile option for any DIYer this year who will enjoy adding these fun projects to their space. .

How Can I Use A Pallet For My Vertical Garden?

Pallets make inexpensive planters and are easily incorporated into a vertical garden design.Dangerous chemicals can be absorbed into the pallet’s wood and then leach into the soil and plants.Some industrial pallets are treated with Methyl Bromide, a chemical listed as having possible negative effects on reproduction and development.The label will have several codes on it including the country of origin, the way the wood was treated, and other information.Only pallets labeled “HT,” or heat treated, are totally free of chemical treatments and safe to use.With a typical wooden pallet, one with multiple slats evenly spaced, you will need the following supplies to create a planter:.Hammer down or pull any stray nails so that you won’t snag yourself or your weed cloth later on.To cover the backs and sides, pull the weed cloth tight and staple it into place.Once your pallet is in place, fill the garden with light, good quality potting soil.It will allow you to have a garden without creating any permanent damage to your balcony, patio, or outdoor area.I would strongly suggest stapling plastic or a polyethylene cloth to the back of your planter to protect the wall from any moisture.There are multiple ways to hang your pallet but the one I think is the easiest to use and able to hold the full weight of your watered garden is the French Cleats.Using the cleats allows you a little “wiggle room” with positioning, all the other options require you to start all over if you do not get it right the first time.I again urge you to err on the side of caution and plan fora heavier planter than you expect.You will want to use compact plants in your pallet garden.Herbs and greens, especially arugula, are wonderful options as they will work well in this type of planter.Other planters suggest adding in some edible flowers to add color to your garden.Succulents also work well in a vertical pallet garden because they are compact and require less water than some of the other plants suggested.What I mean is, a shrub or vine will have a rigid wooden stem that will prevent it from being able to droop at all.A better option would be flowers or ferns with soft, green stems which will drape down your planter.This helps make maintenance easier and saves you difficulty when planting and harvesting. .

DIY Vertical Garden Ideas (16+ Creative Designs For More Growing

So I’ve started using these container planting tips to create beautiful planters and window boxes in order to expand my growing area.In any case, if you’re like most gardeners, not having any room for new plants doesn’t actually stop you from buying new ones.Keep reading to find my list of creative vertical garden design ideas.We make a small commission if you buy the products from these links (at no extra cost to you).Since upcycling pallets is so popular these days, it’s not a big surprise that there are a lot of people using them to create vertical gardens.In this case, they’re actually tin cans used as planters (talk about an inexpensive way to create a DIY vertical garden!).Some people deconstruct the pallets to make them look more like long planter boxes.This one has more than pallet attached back together to make an inexpensive freestanding vertical garden.And I’m sure they must have an automated watering system* to make sure those plants at the top stay as green as they are!Click here to find out how to make your own DIY vertical pallet garden.For a similar look without having to build as complicated of a structure, growing vines on a lattice fence can also create a vertical garden.My mother’s garden uses Hydrangea vine along with Hostas, Allium and Rhododendrons to create a vertical landscape that also acts as a privacy fence.You can find a list of flowering vines that would work well for a vertical landscape HERE.Speaking of using lattice, I found a few DIY vertical garden ideas that make use of it to build creative structures.This DIY vertical garden is made from lattice where the holes between the slats are just the right size to fit standard square pots.This DIY vertical garden idea is also built on lattice although you wouldn’t know to look at it.It uses a bunch of potted plants attached to a lattice background to create this vertical garden wall.You can even make designs out of the plants, by arranging them in the right order on the wall.Speaking of colorful containers, I love this wall of blue terracotta pots.Planting the blue pots with pink and red flowers makes the colors stand out even more.They’re pretty cool because you can’t see any supports from the front so the pots almost look like they are floating in air.Of course, you can also make plain wood boxes and paint them the same color as the house.Rustic window boxes hung on a barn wood fence have a totally different vibe altogether.Or if you just don’t want to attach things to the wall, building a freestanding vertical garden may be the way to go.Putting up some lattice in front of the wall, and hanging planter boxes from it is an easy way to get some vertical garden space.This one is made from an arbor with some wire screening, which makes the pots really easy to hang.This is probably the most creative entry on my list of DIY vertical garden ideas.I love this idea for creating a framed succulent vertical garden.It’s basically a wood frame with some chicken wire that helps to keep the dirt and the plants in place.Another one of the creative DIY vertical garden ideas is this monogram planter by Ellery Designs for Remodelaholic.If you don’t want to go through the work of removing the labels (or you just want to jazz them up a bit), you can always wrap the bottles in fabric or twine.Another one of the hanging DIY vertical garden ideas is this string shelf.You could hand this from a gazebo or porch, or install a post with a support beam to hold up the shelf.Growing plants in fabric pockets is another easy DIY vertical garden idea.Finally, if all else fails, there’s always the tried and true vertical garden solution of using hanging baskets and window boxes.But you can do the same idea almost anywhere around your house or garden, by adding hanging brackets to fence posts and walls.Hopefully, you’ve found some inspiration to create some extra gardening space for your own yard. .

DIY Pallet Vertical Garden ⋆ Ruffled

We’re tickled pink to bring you a DIY tutorial on that very incredible pallet living wall seating chart from today’s styled shoot.You can palettes for free at warehouses, and this vertical garden wall would make for a great ceremony backdrop as well.Ivory + Beau and Izzy Hudgins Photography blew us away with this one, so we’re excited to know the exact details behind the gorgeous setup!For each side staple down the fabric and make sure secure enough so that it will hold the dirt in without it spilling out.Shoot Location: Savannah, GA / Photographer: Izzy Hudgins Photography / Event Design, Styling, Stationery Design, and Wedding Dresses: Ivory + Beau / Flowers: Colonial House of Flowers / Venue: Coastal Botanical Gardens / First Wedding Dress: Alvina Valenta / Second Wedding Dress: Top by Rebecca Schoneveld, Skirt by Love Found True / Groom’s Bow Tie, First Bridal Sash, Necklace: Leslie Miller Design / Model: Leslie Miller / Test Tube Chandelier: Grace Graffiti / Tableware and Cake Table Stands: World Market. .

DIY Vertical Pallet Garden : 4 Steps (with Pictures)

Pull some fabric to create slack and staple it so the pocket will not lose the soil being held inside. .

Turn a Wood Pallet into a Vertical Garden to Liven Up a Small

If you're planning on growing edibles in your garden, you'll want to be sure you find a pallet that's been heat-treated (not chemically sealed), otherwise there's not much else to worry about when choosing one.After sealing off one side of the pallet with the landscape fabric, you fill the inside with soil, and plant your garden. .

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