Vertical Garden PlantersNow that you have considered the basic questions, it’s time to have some fun creating the garden of your dreams. If you have spent any time searching for vertical gardening ideas, you know there are countless ways to choose, design, or build a vertical structure. Our selection Greenwood Vertical Garden View ProductVertical Garden IdeasThere are so many ways to use a vertical garden in creative ways.

Our selection Terrace Vertical Garden View ProductHow to Maintain your Vertical GardenYou have designed, created, and planted your vertical garden. Caring for your creation is a breeze, too, when you follow simple steps to maintain your vertical garden. .

How to Start a Vertical Garden Today

However, if I had started a vertical garden, I would have had the luxury of having a garden in my city home. No matter where you decide to place your vertical garden, know that it’ll be as aesthetic as it is practical. If you can follow a set of instructions step-by-step, odds are you can start a vertical garden. Maintenance of your vertical garden may seem tricky initially, but once you figure out the best techniques, your garden should do just fine.

Pouch/Pocket Vertical GardenA pocket vertical garden is very easy to create. .

How to Create a Vertical Garden

How to Create a Vertical GardenIn the past few years vertical gardens have become very popular, and there is a good reason for this. From herbs to succulents, creating a vertical garden lets you create a living work of art in and around your home.

If you are looking to create a unique vertical garden you may want to consider building the frame structure yourself. Some accessories such as Wooly Pockets make building a vertical garden a breeze, these vertical planter pockets make it easy to just tuck your plants in, then enjoy your new garden.

Planting a Vertical GardenWhen it comes to planting a vertical garden there are plants that you can use, that will survive better in our local climate. .

A Loose Guide to Vertical Garden Maintenance

Various vertical garden distributors offer maintenance packages that cover differing amounts of time. Many vertical garden companies will send employees to the site to perform maintenance, but sometimes it is also necessary for one site maintenance staff to check systems themselves.

Image courtesy of Nedlaw Living WallsThe Growing Green Guide outlines the regular maintenance procedures necessary to ensure a healthy vertical garden. PLEASE NOTE: This article is not a complete guide to caring for your vertical garden.

This post is simply a small glimpse of the maintenance you can expect with a vertical garden, it is by no means a comprehensive guide. .

Wall Planters: 10 Tips For Creating Thriving Vertical Gardens

Many years ago, when vertical wall planters first graced the pages of design magazines they were impossibly luxurious to maintain. As the popularity of vertical gardens continues to rise, they become increasingly more affordable to implement and maintain. 10 Tips To Add A Thriving Vertical Garden To Your Home Or Business#1.

Use Silk Plants For Vertical GardensYou can use silk plants for vertical gardens, completely eliminating the need for maintenance… besides dusting. Vertical Garden Made Simple: TerraCast Vertical Wall PlantersOur highly affordable vertical wall planters make the perfect addition to any home or business.


How-To Start Your Own Vertical Garden in Georgia

What is a vertical garden? Essentially, a vertical garden is exactly how it sounds; your garden will grow upwards versus lying horizontally on the ground. What are the advantages of a vertical garden? The great thing about a vertical garden is that anyone can do it! Whispering Springs Nursery wishes you luck on your vertical garden process! .

Short on Space? A Vertical Garden Wall is the Answer!

A Vertical Garden Wall is the Answer! If that sounds like you, a vertical garden wall may be exactly what you need. In addition, vertical garden walls are referred to as eco-walls, living or green walls, or vertical gardens. With that in mind, a vertical garden wall can pay for itself in no time! For more information on starting a vertical garden wall, contact Plant Interscapes at 1-888-284-2257. .

How To Start a Vertical Indoor Garden

You’ll notice the wide variety of vertical indoor garden options. Why Start a Vertical Indoor Garden? Pocket GardenPocket Vertical Garden Pocket gardens are one of the best and most popular type of vertical garden.

Choosing Plants & MaintenanceLastly, it’s important to consider what types of plants you’re looking to grow in your vertical indoor garden. Vertical Indoor GardenHopefully the above has inspired you to give vertical gardening a try. .

How to Build and Maintain an Indoor Vertical Garden for Medicinal

One of the best things about an indoor vertical garden is that it’s the perfect way to grow medicinal herbs. Here, we’re going to tell you what you need to know to build and maintain an indoor vertical garden. Find Where You Want Your Vertical Garden to BeWhen you’re deciding where to put your vertical wall garden, there are two questions to ask yourself.

Watering System for Your Indoor Vertical Garden for Medicinal HerbsWatering vertical gardens isn’t as easy as watering horizontal ones. The Bottom LineThese are the basics to build a indoor vertical garden for medicinal herbs.



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