You also can grow a kitchen garden near your back door or make a dull exterior wall prettier.Many different types of houseplants, annuals, perennials, and shrubs work well in a vertical space, so you're not limited on what plants you can use. .

Vertical Garden

Our Garden Installations are much more efficient than living walls and plants due to their longevity and low energy consumption such as no water irrigation, specific light, soil infestations, trimming and pruning and periodic maintenance. .

Living Walls, Vertical Garden Design and Installation

Careful thought and attention is given during each step to ensure you receive a solution tailored to your needs and delivers the design you desire. .

How To Set Up Drip Irrigation and Irrigation Timers for Vertical Wall

In our new video blog post, Alex from Flower Street Urban Gardens shows you how irrigation timers can work in your vertical wall garden to keep your plants moist and growing beautifully.It consists of a spaghetti line that runs inside the units, and branching off of that through each tier is the drip irrigation that has embedded emitters and built-in filters.The drip irrigation for the lower tiers is placed just front of center because you have the drainage water from the back of the tier, this will keep the moisture level balanced. .


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