Over the past several years, I've lived in many different apartments; I wanted a garden that I could take with me from place to place. Once I created recycled vertical gardens, I realized that these cheap creations can be made anywhere, with almost any reusable materials. Recycled Vertical Gardens are:Simple to construct. Recycled vertical gardens are the perfect tool for growing what you need using what you alreadyhave.

However, students' patience will benefit from buying seeds and watching their growth process from start to finish. .

35 Creative Ways to Plant a Vertical Garden

Vertical gardening uses upright growth habits or containers to make the most of your growing space. You also can grow a kitchen garden near your back door or make a dull exterior wall prettier.

Adding window boxes, hanging pots, or a garden structure such as a trellis or tuteur also provides additional exterior vertical growing space. And you can DIY many different kinds of planters with a few inexpensive craft or salvaged items to create your own one-of-a-kind vertical growing space.

So, get creative and read on to discover a few of our favorite vertical garden ideas for your home, indoors or out. .

10 Easy DIY Vertical Garden Ideas

There are many amazing, innovative ideas out there for vertical gardening using all types of materials. Here are 10 simple DIY vertical garden ideas that demonstrate just how effective, and inexpensive, vertical gardening can be. This amazing vertical garden, which also uses plastic bottles, hangs outside a school in Singapore. Flower Street Urban Gardens of Phoenix, AZ create gorgeous vertical gardens with wood containers that hang on block walls, ledges, and balconies. These are just a few of the many vertical garden ideas out there. .

How To Make A Wooden Pallet Vertical Garden

There are plenty of ways to improve your garden on a budget – but perhaps one of the very best projects to consider is building a vertical garden with a wood pallet. A vertical garden is simply a growing space that makes use of the vertical as well as the horizontal plane.

At its simplest, a vertical garden can be a tree or vining plant grown vertically up a wall. Method Two: Soil Filled Vertical GardenThis main vertical garden project is a little more complex.

I tend to prefer to use transplants for a vertical garden, but you can also choose to sow seeds directly. .

Recycled Pallet Vertical Garden – Design*Sponge

But I have to be honest — this lush and vibrant pallet vertical garden is making me want to stay in summer for another month or two. There have been many pallet projects and many vertical garden projects, but none combine the two elements as well as this tutorial developed by Fern Richardson of Life on the Balcony and recreated by Steph of the local spoon. Double or triple up your landscaping fabric and begin the stapling fun.

Lay the pallet flat and pour potting soil through slats, pressing soil down firmly. Water your wall garden thoroughly and let it remain horizontal for 1 to 2 weeks to allow plants to take root. .

25 Plastic Bottle Vertical Garden Ideas

Check out amazing bottle ideas to grow herbs herePlastic Bottle Vertical Garden Ideas1. Plastic Bottle Tower GardenA remarkable kitchen garden with plastic bottles with minimal means and efforts.

Hanging Soda Bottle GardenAnother innovative and great-looking plastic bottle vertical garden. DIY Vertical Garden with Hanging Soda BottlesHere’s an easy-to-make DIY to make an upside-down soda bottle garden. Hanging Garden With Plastic BottlesHere’s an awesome idea to use the railings in your balcony by creating a hanging plastic bottle garden. .

How to Build a Vertical Garden Using Recycled Wooden Pallets

Here’s an infographic showing how to build a vertical garden out of a wooden pallet, as she describes in the article on herbs. Source: BridgmanText only version:DIY Vertical Garden Wall1.

If the pallet has no backing, use the MDF board and nail it into place (using approximately 12 nails). Staple paper to the palletDouble your landscaping paper up & pull your staple gun out of its holster.

Fill the pallet with planting soil, ensuring to press down firmly but leave enough room for planting. .

How to make a vertical garden out of recycled plastic bottles with

We made almost no changes, except for a relocation of some of the pallet planters and some amendments to the vertical garden as a result of lessons learned. Vertical Garden ReviewLast year, we tried 3 variations of recycling plastic milk bottles into a vertical garden.

What WorkedThe singular vertical bottles were much more successful, giving more room for root growth. We switched to blue plastic bottles. Collect washed and rinsed plastic bottles. .

Build a Vertical Garden from a Wooden Pallet

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