Rubber mulch is commonly used, for safety reasons, in areas where children play. Using Rubber Mulch in Gardening and LandscapingRubber mulch (the type sometimes used in playgrounds) can be very appealing to certain types of gardeners. I'm not a chemist, so I won't attempt to provide you with a definitive answer on how safe rubber mulch is for plants (even less does this piece address the issue of whether the product is safe for use in playgrounds). If you think the above is a harsh indictment of the safety of rubber mulch, Linda Chalker-Scott, Ph.D., ups the ante. Chalker-Scott is an Extension Horticulturist for Washington State University and has nothing good whatever to say about rubber mulch. .

Is Rubber Mulch Safe for My Garden?

Is rubber mulch safe to put on my garden beds? Rubber mulches made from shredded tires are touted by manufacturers as permanent, aesthetically pleasing, and safe for flowers, plants and pets. But scientific literature makes abundantly clear that rubber should not be used as a landscape amendment or mulch.

Rubber mulches can also leach various plasticizers and accelerators that are used during tire manufacturing. In high enough concentrations, some of these rubber leachates are known to be harmful to human health; effects of exposure range from skin and eye irritation to major organ damage and even death.


The Pros and Cons of using Rubber Mulch in your Garden

Some even use rubber mulch as a sort of insulation around their homes to keep insects at bay. Because rubber does not absorb water, rubber mulch can actually help prevent fungal growth in plants. Available in many earth tone and designer colors, rubber mulch offers more options to compliment existing landscape elements. Unlike colored wood mulch, rubber mulch tends to hold its color for up to ten years. Contrary to popular belief both wood mulch and rubber mulch can contain chemicals. .

Is Rubber Mulch Safe for Plants?

Some people might consider one mulch type not safe for plants while some consider it safe. Some people even use rubber mulch at their homes to prevent insects from getting into their houses. Cons of rubber mulchEven though this mulch has some obvious benefits, I think the cons of using rubber mulch in garden surpass them.

Can produce injuriesRemnants of steel strands can sometimes remain in the rubber mulch processed from the recycled tires. The rubber mulch is not only flammable, but it’s also very difficult to extinguish the fire if it occurs.


Rubber Tire Mulch: Is it Safe for Your Garden? ⋆ Big Blog Of

From Todd Heft @ Big Blog Of Gardening:Homegrown Tomatoes: The Step-By-Step Guide To Growing Delicious Organic Tomatoes In Your Garden .

Is rubber mulch safe around edibles

Thinking of using thinly spread rubber mulch around my newly planted fruit trees and garden. All small areas .

I have small yard. Oh what about those rubber mulched tree rings????? Thanks allOpinions pleaseJean .

Is Rubber Mulch Safe for Plants?

Is Rubber Mulch Safe for Plants? Home Guides| Garden| GardeningUsing rubber mulch is a controversial practice. Mulching Practice The practice of mulching is nearly universally recommended for home gardens.

Additional Risks Remnants of steel strands sometimes remain in rubber mulch processed from radial tires. You might also cut your hands or knees while gardening in rubber mulch.


Just Say No To Rubber Mulch

Rubber mulch didn't start out as a gardening product. Rubber mulch promotes recycling -- and provides an excellent model for recycling all of those spent fuel rods piling up at nuclear plants.

Unlike natural mulches, rubber mulch doesn't decompose, so it's "sustainable." Rubber mulch keeps the soil surface cool by trapping all of the sun's heat atop it where your feet are. Rubber mulch is also a fire hazard -- it burns at a much higher temperature than natural mulches and belches toxic smoke. .


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