There are a dozen different ways to start a vegetable garden, but not all of them are fast, efficient, or cost effective. Where to put a new vegetable gardenBefore I share what I think is the best step-by-step technique for installing a low-budget vegetable garden fast, it’s important to discuss picking the best site for a new garden. How big should a new vegetable garden beAfter you have your site chosen, think about how big to make your new garden.

When considering how to start a vegetable garden you should also think about how much time you have to care for it. Taking care of a new vegetable gardenAnother goal when learning how to start a vegetable garden is to understand how important continued maintenance is.


Vegetable Gardening for Beginners: The Basics of Planting

In the Vegetable Gardening for Beginners Guide, we cover how to start a vegetable garden from scratch, which vegetables to grow, and when to plant what. Vegetable Gardening for BeginnersWhy garden, you ask? See how to prepare you soil for vegetable plants. However, it would also be wise to contact your state’s Cooperative Extension Service to find out what plants grow best in your area.

For each crop, we provide specific information about how to plant, grow, and harvest, including watering and fertilizing and pest control! .

Tips for Growing the Perfect Vegetable Garden

If you’re like the other 21 million people in North America who will be starting a vegetable garden this year for the first time, chances are, a few time-tested tips will come in handy to ensure success. A home vegetable garden is easy to start and doesn’t require as much effort as one might think to keep it growing strong. Water wiselyFor most vegetable plants, one inch of water per week, which includes any natural rainfall, is adequate . Especially in a vegetable garden. Use patience with pest controlAlthough pests are usually a given at some point in any vegetable garden, by exercising patience, nature will usually take care of the problem. .

Vegetable Gardening for Beginners

Believe it or not, it's not impossible to grow your own vegetable garden with yields of this nature. All that's required is some patience and smart tactics to get the most out of your garden space. Follow these tips and tricks to plan the vegetable gardening of your dreams.

Plants grow close enough together to crowd out competing weeds so you spend less time weeding. That’s a 20% gain in planting space in a bed that takes up the same amount of ground space.


How to Build a Raised Vegetable Garden

This Old House TV landscape contractor Roger Cook recently showed a few young friends how to make a raised garden. Plant a vegetable patch in your new DIY raised garden bed. Read the following steps to learn how to build a raised vegetable garden. Step 5Mark the perimeterMove the raised garden bed frame to the sunny spot you've picked out for the bed. Step 6Prepare the soilSet the raised garden bed frame aside. .

Building Healthy Soil

The gardens around my home in Richmond, VT, include a large vegetable garden, seasonal greenhouse, cutting garden, perennial gardens, rock garden, shade garden, berry plantings, lots of container plants and a meadow garden. Their excretions also help to bind soil particles into the small aggregates that make a soil loose and crumbly.

The silty soil found in an old floodplain is inherently different from stony mountain soil; the clay soil that lay under a glacier for millions of years is unlike the sandy soil near an ocean. To improve clay soil: Work 2 to 3 inches of organic matter into the surface of the soil.

To lower soil pH by about one point: In sandy soil: add 1 pound ground sulphur per 100 square feet. .

How to Prep Soil for a Vegetable Garden

6 / 13 Marsan/Shutterstock Double Digging Double digging is an old practice for improving the drainage and aeration of poor soil. Basically, you remove a row of soil to a depth of about 1 foot, saving the excavated soil on a tarp. Then you loosen the hardpan subsoil (a dense layer of soil, usually found below the uppermost topsoil layer) in that trench with a spading fork. You repeat this process until you reach the end of the bed, at which point you use the reserved soil on the tarp to backfill the final trench. 7 / 13 David Hanlon/Shutterstock The Best Soil for a Vegetable Garden and Root Crops Double digging may seem like a lot of work (and it is!) .

Raised Bed Garden from A - Z

Are you building a raised bed garden, or are you looking to improve your raised bed crops? My Raised Bed Gardening BackgroundYou might be feeling intimidated by the idea of building a raised bed garden. My Growing a Greener World team and I have traveled all over the country and seen many raised bed garden setups.

A raised garden bed is simply mounded soil or a contained bed of soil above the surrounding grade. So, no matter how bad the ground you’re starting with, anyone anywhere can grow a productive raised bed garden. .

Vegetable Garden Layout: 7 Best Design Secrets!

Vegetable Garden Layout: 7 Best Design Secrets! 7 best vegetable garden layout ideas on soil, sun orientations, spacing, varieties, plans & design secrets to create productive & beautiful kitchen gardens. I found that the best vegetable garden layout & designs invariably have a lot of things in common. Well designed beds and paths in vegetable garden layoutA well designed vegetable garden layout needs to have good circulation paths. Front yard vegetable garden layout and designOnce upon a time, the idea of a front yard vegetable garden seemed ridiculous. .


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