In the Vegetable Gardening for Beginners Guide, we cover how to start a vegetable garden from scratch, which vegetables to grow, and when to plant what. Vegetable Gardening for BeginnersWhy garden, you ask? See how to prepare you soil for vegetable plants.

However, it would also be wise to contact your state’s Cooperative Extension Service to find out what plants grow best in your area. For each crop, we provide specific information about how to plant, grow, and harvest, including watering and fertilizing and pest control! .

How to Plan a Vegetable Garden: A Step-by-Step Guide

Every year we get inquiries from people who are a little bewildered by the complexity of planning their first vegetable garden and don’t know where to start. Some are looking for a 'quick fix' – some way to magically come up with the perfect plan for their garden.

With that in mind, here's our best advice in the form of principles to follow when producing a good plan for a new vegetable garden. New GardensWhen planning a vegetable garden it’s all too easy to jump in with both feet and try to grow as much as possible in the first year. Pollination: Certain plants need to be near others in order to pollinate well and ‘set fruit’ (ie produce the edible portion). .

A Vegetable Garden Planner for High Yields & Healthy Plants

For me, a detailed vegetable garden planner is essential to growing a productive and healthy vegetable garden. Planning a new vegetable gardenWhen planning a new vegetable garden, start off right by picking a site that offers plenty of light.

Designing a vegetable gardenDesigning a vegetable garden is an important step in your vegetable garden plan. A year round vegetable garden plannerI love my year-round vegetable garden.

For more information on creating a vegetable garden planner, check out the excellent book, Week by Week Vegetable Garden Planner which offers plenty of space for you to create your own custom plan. .

Vegetable Garden Planner: Design Your Best Garden Ever

The Vegetable Garden Planner — Design Your Best Garden EverReturning users: Bookmark this page and click the green launch button below to return to the Garden Planner login page. With the help of our interactive Vegetable Garden Planner, you can quickly get the data you need to design your best garden ever — and it's all free for 7 days.

Or, use the Garden Planner to design new beds for any garden. — Susan BorgardtGarden Planner support pages:Frequently Asked QuestionsTerms and ConditionsPrivacy PolicyContact UsTechnical HelpGift cards for the Vegetable Garden Planner are now available! For updates about the Vegetable Garden Planner plus tips related to gardening and garden planning, follow the Planner on Facebook. .

19 Vegetable Garden Plans & Layout Ideas That Will Inspire You

After you decide what your primary goal for your vegetable garden is, then scroll through the vegetable garden plans I’ve gathered from all over the internet and see which options work the best for you. Simple Vegetable Garden PlansHere are the vegetable garden plans:1.

Intensive Garden Plan for Maximum HarvestThis is another garden plan that I love. Hip Chick’s Garden Plan 2013This layout (the way it is illustrated) looks like the first garden plan I shared. Well, you now have 19 different vegetable garden plans that could help you to grow a beautiful garden this year.


Planning and Starting a Vegetable Garden

To savor the best, we need to know when to pick at peak. Some vegetables tell you, like the way a cantaloupe will slip off the vine.

It’s possible to grow only what you intend to eat fresh or give away, but it seldom happens that way. Besides, there are few winter treats as enjoyable as a pie made from your frozen blueberries or a jar of your crushed tomatoes.

If you grow herbs, it's handy to know how to freeze or dry them to enjoy their flavors throughout the off-season. .

Vegetable Gardening for Beginners

Believe it or not, it's not impossible to grow your own vegetable garden with yields of this nature. All that's required is some patience and smart tactics to get the most out of your garden space. Follow these tips and tricks to plan the vegetable gardening of your dreams.

Plants grow close enough together to crowd out competing weeds so you spend less time weeding. That’s a 20% gain in planting space in a bed that takes up the same amount of ground space. .

Vegetable Garden Planner

Garden Planner for Vegetables, Herbs, and FlowersGet a Free Garden Planner Trial! Whether you want to create a square-foot garden for vegetables, a kitchen garden for herbs, or a beautiful flower garden, our Garden Planner will help you find the best layout for your space—plus provide all your planting and harvesting dates! Try out our Garden Planner with a free 7-day trial—ample time to plan your dream garden! Try it for Freeor Subscribe Here .

Pre-Planned Gardens

Simply choose a plan to match your planting area and types of plants you want to grow. Each square represents 1 sq.

ft. and shows the number of plants, depending on the crop.

The plans are designed to fit various sizes of our raised beds and elevated gardens but they can be planted in-ground as well. Continue scrolling for planting information for each crop.


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