In the Vegetable Gardening for Beginners Guide, we cover how to start a vegetable garden from scratch, which vegetables to grow, and when to plant what. Vegetable Gardening for BeginnersWhy garden, you ask? See how to prepare you soil for vegetable plants.

However, it would also be wise to contact your state’s Cooperative Extension Service to find out what plants grow best in your area. For each crop, we provide specific information about how to plant, grow, and harvest, including watering and fertilizing and pest control! .

Raised Beds: Soil Depth Requirements

Soil Depth Requirements for Popular VegetablesBe Sure There Is Adequate Depth for the Roots of the Crops You PlantIn most gardens, the top 6″ of soil contains the most nutrients needed for plant growth. Plants with deeper roots, such as tomatoes, would not do well in this soil depth. In these cases, it is especially helpful to know the soil depth requirements of different vegetable crops. While raised beds are commonly 8″ – 12″ tall, some raised beds have sides which are 3′ or higher.

When preparing soil for raised beds, ‘double-digging’ the soil will aerate this deeper soil and clear it of rocks and debris. .

Growing Carrots

A raised bed provides carrots with the perfect soil conditions to reach their full potential. Carrot seedlings.

How to avoid thinning: Carrot seed is especially small, so it's difficult to get them spaced evenly. Carrots come in other colors besides orange: try planting some purple (kids love them) or yellow ones as well as orange.

For a fall carrot crop, replant some carrots in midsummer, using a space that's been vacated by lettuce, peas, or another early-season crop. .

What To Plant In A Raised Garden Bed

Raised garden beds is an artistic way of cultivating plants in structures above the ground’s surface. The benefits of raised bed gardening are innumerable. Raised bed structures allow for better soil, can maximize your growing space, lessen the need for bending, weeding, and can even ward off pests.

Raised beds can be designed in so many ways and be constructed from wood, metal, stone, and brick; but what to plant in a raised garden bed? The exciting answer is that you can grow just about anything in a raised garden bed as long as growing conditions such as sunlight, spacing, and temperature are on target for your plants. .

Raised Bed Garden from A - Z

Are you building a raised bed garden, or are you looking to improve your raised bed crops? My Raised Bed Gardening BackgroundYou might be feeling intimidated by the idea of building a raised bed garden. My Growing a Greener World team and I have traveled all over the country and seen many raised bed garden setups. A raised garden bed is simply mounded soil or a contained bed of soil above the surrounding grade. So, no matter how bad the ground you’re starting with, anyone anywhere can grow a productive raised bed garden.


10 Tips for Successful Raised Bed Gardening

Don't Walk on the SoilThe biggest advantage of raised bed gardening is the light, fluffy, absolutely perfect soil you can create. The Spruce / Randi RhoadesPlan Your Irrigation SystemSoaker hose and drip irrigation are the two best ways to irrigate a raised bed. If you have an existing raised bed and find that you're battling tree roots every year, you may want to excavate the soil and place the raised bed in a better location. Top-Dress Annually with CompostGardening in a raised bed is, essentially, like gardening in a really, really large container.

By adding flowers along the border of your raised bed, pollinators will be attracted to the blooms--helping to pollinate your crops, too, for increased yields. .

Why You Need a Raised Garden Bed

7 Reasons Why You Need a Raised Garden Bed (And How to Build One!) Here are seven reasons why you need a raised garden bed—we'll even show you how to make your own! DIY raised garden bed Credit: Jacob Fox1. cutting metal piece for raised garden bed Credit: Jacob FoxStep 2: Cut Metal to SizeCut the metal with the metal snips. assembling raised garden bed wall with screwdriver Credit: Jacob FoxStep 7: Place Raised Bed and Finish AssemblyPlace the raised bed where desired. .

6 Easy Steps to Care for Plants in a Raised Bed Garden

Raised Bed GardeningDiscover a simple, versatile way to garden that lets you grow more while requiring less work. .

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