6 Essentials to an Indoor Herb GardenThe only thing better than fresh herbs is growing and harvesting your own fresh herbs. An indoor herb garden is easy to put together when you know what to do.

When purchasing a new herb plant, check it thoroughly. This will ensure that your herb plants won’t be blasted by some freak snowstorm.

With those tips, you’ll have your indoor herb garden going in no time. .

Herb Garden - Growing Herbs

An urban herb garden, planted in a raised bed with a free-draining soil blend that herbs love. An urban herb garden, planted in a raised bed with a free-draining soil blend that herbs love.

Where to Plant Most herbs thrive in typical garden soil, as long as it has good drainage. If your garden soil is heavy, grow these herbs in raised beds or planters. Growing Herbs in Pots and PlantersBy growing herbs in pots and planters, you can grow tender perennials, such as rosemary and flowering sages year-round.


Everything You Need to Grow an Indoor Herb Garden

Fortunately, thanks to growing interest in indoor gardening (and a boost from the legalization of marijuana in many states), it’s easier than ever to find grow lights and other tools that’ll help your herbs grow. Below, Dooling and four more gardening experts share their recommendations for everything you need to start your own herb garden, from soil and seeds to pots and pruners.

“Don’t cheap out on soil, start with the best soil and your garden will thrive,” says Murphy. An LED grow light can be an easy solution.

Place them near a sunny window or under a grow light and you’re all set. .

Herbs Sunlight Chart: 15 Most Popular Herbs and Their Sunlight

Herbs Sunlight Chart: 15 Most Popular Herbs and Their Sunlight RequirementsSo you’ve just started your very first herb garden. While herbs are relatively easy to grow, sometimes gardeners will still need some help especially when they’re just starting out. Of course the answer will vary on what you’re growing, but most herbs need 6+ hours of full sun daily. Popular herbs like basil, rosemary, sage and thyme need this amount of sunlight in order to thrive.

For more information on herb sunlight requirements, please refer to this chart below. .

Your guide to the best indoor lighting for growing herbs

Some very lucky home gardeners are able to grow herbs indoors with only natural lighting. When it comes to the comparison of led lights vs compact fluorescent grow lights it really just depends on your budget and how much lighting you need.

Compact fluorescent grow lights are cheaper than most led lights, but also are more fragile, and by their very nature, more dangerous. Micro Grow Light GardenThe Micro Grow Light Garden is our favorite go-to lighting system for home gardeners.

Learning about your plant’s light requirements and knowing signs of improper lighting are excellent “tools” to have when growing indoors. .

24 Herbs That Grow in the Shade

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10 Important Tips to Create your own Indoor Herb Garden

White Herb Pots with Drip Tray by Barnyard DesignsFollow these 10 important tips to create your own Kitchen Herb Garden Indoors and you will enjoy a healthy supply of fresh herbs for years to come. Provide Strong Light For Your Indoor Herb Garden.

The more light you can provide for your indoor herb garden, the better off they will be. A good potting mix is important for indoor herbsThe indoor herb garden requires a potting mix that provides additional drainage. When selecting a potting mix, look on the label and make sure it is suitable for indoor garden plants.


How to Keep Herbs Alive Indoors All Year Long

When you’re starting your journey into gardening, you’re probably wondering how to keep herbs alive indoors. One step before starting your herb garden is to decide which herbs are the best to grow indoors. How often should you water indoor herbs? A basic tip for indoor herbs is to check them daily and never allow them to dry out.

Even though herbs can live indoors all year long, the reality is that many of these beautiful herbs are annual. .

Best Grow Light For Herb Garden (Top Reviews 2020)

There are several different types of grow lights for the herb garden, depending on what you want to grow. Whatever your situation, there is a grow light for herb garden to suit your needs.

Compact flourescent lightThe first type of grow lights that people think of when they consider growing herbs is the compact fluorescent light (CFL) grow light. Metal HalideThe second type of grow lights that you might want to consider when looking into getting grow lights is the Metal Halide (MH) grow light.

Grow light that is often referred to as a “traditional” light is not very energy efficient. .

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