Following the step-by step below, you could build your own raised herb garden in less than an hour. For growing edible crops indoors, we also have an expert herb garden guide to growing in containers and on window-shelves.

How to build a raised herb gardenUse this simple guide to get your raised herb garden ready to go. Raised herb garden: step 1First, you need to work out where in your garden you want your raised bed to be. Raised herb garden: step 2Create the walls of your raised bed by pre-cutting sleepers. .

How to Build a Raised Herb-Garden Planter

Download and print the planter cut listStep 1Herb-Garden Planter OverviewHerbs should be grown in soil that's at least 4 to 5 inches deep, says the National Gardening Association. Herb-Garden Planter Cut List3¼-inch-square corner posts: 4 @ 36 inches1x6 for short sides: 4 @ 22½ inches1x6 for long sides: 4 @ 34 inches1x6 floorboards: 2 cut to fit (Ours were 25 inches.) Step 4Build the SidesThe planter's sides are made from two 16 boards butted edge to edge. Align one side's corner block with the inside corner of one of the legs.

Step 9Finish the Planter and Attach the HooksApply deck stain to the planter. .

50+ Free Raised Bed Garden Plans (Simple & Easy)

Materials Wood Dimensions 4’ x 3’4” x 3’ Difficulty Medium Cost $$-$$$Build This Raised BedLeggy Raised Garden BedLeggy Raised Garden Bed. Materials Wood Dimensions 4’ x 8’ x 1’ Difficulty Easy Cost $Build This Raised BedSimple and Functional Raised Garden BedSimple and Functional Raised Garden Bed.

Materials Stone, basket material or branches Dimensions 6’ circle Difficulty Easy Cost $Build This Raised BedCedar Raised Garden BedsCedar Raised Garden Beds. Materials Reclaimed wood Dimensions Variable depending on wood availability Difficulty Easy Cost $Build This Raised BedRepurposed Bed Support Raised BedRepurposed Bed Support Raised Bed. Materials Repurposed bed support Dimensions Variable – depends on bed Difficulty Easy Cost $Build This Raised BedWillow Wattle Garden Edging For Raised BedsWillow Wattle Garden Edging For Raised Beds. .

Raised Herb Garden

He planted a huge vegetable garden with our neighbors, built a chicken coop, and last week he made a raised herb garden. He built a masterpiece raised herb garden. To build the raised herb garden, Josh bought pressure treated 2×4’s, 2×6’s, and 4×4’s. The raised herb garden really adds to our patio space. Disclosure: Lowe’s provided most of the materials for us to create this beautiful raised herb garden, but our opinions are our own! .

DIY Raised Herb Garden Planter Box: Maison de Cinq

Looking to start your own herb garden? Our DIY Raised Herb Garden Planter is an easy project that lets you start growing your own herbs, in your own yard, today! So we decided a raised garden planter would be the perfect way to grow herbs! In fact, we’re thinking of building a second raised herb garden planter so that we can have a ‘shade’ herb garden box and a ‘sun’ one! My 100 Year Old Home | How to Grow Tomatoes at HomeFinding Lovely | DIY Aged Terracotta PotsTwelve on Main | Super Cute DIY Mini GreenhouseInspiration for Moms | DIY Planter TrellisMaison de Cinq | DIY Raised Herb Garden Planter BoxHappy Happy Nester | Lady Banks RoseThe DIY Mommy | Tiered Herb Planter with Dollar Store BucketsZevy Joy | Gardening Tips and Ideas From Our New YardMy Sweet Savannah | DIY modern pedestal planterIf you enjoyed this post, you might want to check out a few other gardening projects below! .

How to Start an Herb Garden – Bonnie Plants

Select Your SpaceWhether you live in a subdivision with a large backyard or an apartment with a balcony, herbs grow well just about anywhere that receives at least 6 hours of sunlight. Some herbs, such as cilantro, parsley, and mint, do just fine with 3 or 4 hours of sunlight. Check the plant tag for light requirements, or look that information up on the Homegrown with Bonnie Plants app.

Also, place your herb garden where you’ll see it. Not only will that will inspire you to add interesting flavors to your meals, but you’ll also be more likely notice when your plants need watering or if pests invade. .


Let’s talk about how to grow herbs and care for them. Having a kitchen herb garden is a must here at StoneGable! The herb garden, this year, is in two handsomely styled galvanized raised beds on our patio.

I like to cut herbs in the morning and put them in a glass of water on my counter. I’m very excited to see my kitchen herb garden grow. .

Herb Garden - Growing Herbs

An urban herb garden, planted in a raised bed with a free-draining soil blend that herbs love. An urban herb garden, planted in a raised bed with a free-draining soil blend that herbs love. Where to Plant Most herbs thrive in typical garden soil, as long as it has good drainage.

If your garden soil is heavy, grow these herbs in raised beds or planters. Growing Herbs in Pots and PlantersBy growing herbs in pots and planters, you can grow tender perennials, such as rosemary and flowering sages year-round. .

15 Raised Bed Garden Design Ideas

Square Foot Raised BedsPatrick / Flickr / CC BY 2.0Square foot gardening involves dividing the growing area into small square sections, typically 1 foot per square. The aim is to produce an intensively planted vegetable garden or a highly productive kitchen garden.

Using a raised bed for growing vegetables allows you to control the soil quality and prevent it from becoming compacted. Vegetable roots can grow unimpeded. The beds do not have to be very high off the ground to get the benefits from being in a raised bed.


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