In place of a landfill, a good pallet can be put to use for years as a vertical garden. Vertical pallets make perfect additions to south facing walls, garden fences, or even the inside of a grow tent.

Read on for instructions on how to build a DIY vertical garden. (Sorry about the 2016 citation, this article is about building a kick-butt pallet garden, not research into the pallet industry. For a total of about $15 in materials, you can build yourself a 3-tiered vertical pallet garden. .

How to Make an Herb Garden from a Pallet

I have always wanted to make an herb garden, but with a small yard, 4 children, and 2 dogs, there is not much room left for an herb garden, or any garden for that matter. I have always wanted to make an herb garden, but with a small yard, 4 children, and 2 dogs, there is not much room left for an herb garden or any garden for that matter. As I placed them into the new herb garden pallet, something just didn’t look “finished” to me.

How to Make an Herb Garden with a PalletI am so excited to finally have my very own herb garden, and I feel good about upcycling that poor pallet into such a pretty piece. Vertical Pallet Herb GardenIt’s definitely a big change from that plain pallet, and I know we will get a lot of use out of our new herb garden. .

How to Build a Pallet Herb Garden

Remove splinters by scraping with a steel brush and applying a water-and-borax mixture (pallet may change color slightly). Step 4: Lay Garden Fabric Before Securing BackStaple garden fabric to back of pallet. Step 5: Add Soil and HerbsPro tip: The secret to a wall-mounted herb garden is to plant horizontally. Lay the pallet flat when creating it and give the herbs some time to grow correctly before mounting it on the wall. Once it’s ready to mount, position pallet in location according to the herb’s care instructions (i.e. .

43 Gorgeous DIY Pallet Garden Ideas to Upcycle Your Wooden Pallets

The 2 For 1 Pallet GardenThis pallet garden has a 2 for 1 option with it. The Rustic Vertical Pallet GardenI really like this vertical pallet garden.

The Indoor Pallet GardenIf you want to make your whole garden a pallet garden, this is another great layout. Above Ground Pallet Garden BedThis pallet garden bed is shown being used on a patio which is a unique idea.

The Stair-Stepped Pallet GardenThis pallet garden is different from a lot of others we’ve listed here. .

DIY Pallet Herb Garden

I used to walk past this apartment patio in my old neighborhood that had a really awesome DIY Pallet Herb Garden—it was propped up against a wall and all the herbs were each planted into a box in a wooden pallet. Once you have your pallet, you can start thinking about the herbs you want to include in your garden. More is better in this case—you want it to be sturdy enough to hold the potting soil, plant, and occasional water.

Transfer potting soil into each section and add your herbs. Once the pallet is filled to your satisfaction, water and place somewhere that gets enough sun.


Creating a Pallet Garden

This step wasn’t included in the DIY segment on the episode but this is an important part of protecting the exterior of the house from the moisture and grime of the pallet garden. Don’t use ordinary garden soil or soil that is designed for planting beds, as it’s too heavy and won’t drain as well. Then continue to add soil until the pallet is full.

Special thanks to our friend Fern Richardson at Life on the Balcony, for her Pallet Garden plans. Update: 4/3/12: Last week while touring the floriculture Pack Trials in California, I saw a modification of our pallet garden: Burpee Home Gardens added simple feet using triangular pieces of plywood. .

35+ Best Pallet Garden Ideas & DIY Tutorials For 2021

Seriously, you can easily turn an unusable pallet into a rustic pallet garden with hanging baskets. Related DIY Post: DIY Bench Ideas For Extra SeatingDIY Purple Vertical GardenPhoto credit: Kate on InstagramThere’s nothing more beautiful than seeing your flowers blooming. And, nothing goes better with them than a small vertical pallet garden like this one.

If you have an old pallet at home, put it to use to make this awesome rustic pallet garden. DIY Apartment Balcony Pallet GardenPhoto credit: Ayres Pallet Designs on InstagramLiving in an apartment but would love to have a small garden? .

Making an Herb Garden out of old Pallets

Get ready to Make an Herb Garden out of old Pallets! Materialsa. Pallet, 2 large bags of potting soil, 16 six packs of flowers, a small roll of landscape fabric, staple gun + staples, and sand paper.

e. Push potting soil into the bottom cavity so that there is a trench directly below on of the bottom openings.

h. Push the potting soil up against these flowers to make a trench beneath one of the openings in the second row. Important: Leave the pallet on the ground for 2-3 weeks while watering your herb garden with necessary nutrients! .

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