They’re best grown from seeds, but you can also grow basil from cuttings. Basil can grow all year, but seems to do best in the warmest part of the year.

Chives These perennials grow easily and are best propagated by dividing the clumps at the roots and base of stems. Shiso This Japanese herb grows best in warm weather and does well in South Florida as an annual. Tarragon (Mexican) This perennial grows by cutting or division and does better than French tarragon. .

How to Grow Herbs in Pots in Florida

six kinds of aromatic herbs for cooking image by from Fotolia.comHerb gardening in Florida can be a challenging yet rewarding experience. One of the best ways to ensure that herbs can survive the worst and enjoy the best of Florida’s environment is to grow your herbs in pots. kitchen herbs image by PhotographerOne from Fotolia.comGroup herbs with the same growing requirements in a single pot, if desired. Dilute a water-soluble fertilizer or manure tea to half strength and water herbs with that mixture every two to three months. There is no need to water herbs that have gone dormant in the winter. .

Growing Herbs in Florida's Unique Climate

One issue that Florida’s climate presents in growing herbs, is the wide temperature fluctuations, especially in winter. When Florida’s rainy season hits, accompanied by the heat and humidity, these herbs do not need much watering. When watering, it is good to apply water as close to the roots of herbs where it is most needed.

The result is all along the lower stem, leaves and branches begin growing, thus giving us a thicker herb plant. This is true when drying…to remove water air circulation needs to pass over the leaf surface to draw the water out. .


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An herb garden offers a heady mix of fragrances and tastes, plus a visual tapestry of colors, textures, shapes and sizes. She is just finishing a 250-page book on the subject: Herbs and Spices for Florida Gardens. Our subtropical climate gives us the opportunity to grow such exotic spices as lemongrass, neem, bay laurel, curry, vanilla and ginger, as well as traditional herbs, Brandies explains. Once you've chosen a site for your herb garden, it's time to decide whether you'll plant seeds or starter plants.

This method may be "saner and safer" in Florida, Brandies says. .

The Potted Herb — The Florida Gardening Project

Since most herbs need at least six hours of sun, I grow mine in pots on the patio. I love the look and feel of terra cotta, and treasure my pots even more as they age. But I painted them terra cotta years ago and no one can tell the difference.

Since every square inch is needed for root growth, I don’t bother putting stones or shards in the bottom for drainage. My favorite exception is rosemary, which grows slowly and will happily share quarters with other Mediterranean herbs for months on end.


Starting an Herb Garden in FL

Starting an Herb Garden. grow your ownThis spring, I started an herb and vegetable container garden in my backyard! Container Garden with oregano,basil, parsley and lavenderFollow these 5 easy stepsDetermine what hardiness zone you are located in! Potting soilContainers if you need themGarden glovesFresh sweet mine growing in container garden Water hosecould be re-purposedPlant and water! Try preparing your herbs and freezing them in ice cube trays with some garlic and olive oil!Do you have an herb garden design that you'd like to share? .

Yes, you can grow a garden of vegetables in Florida; here's how

Some gardeners like to grow vegetables during the summer in Florida. Start these indoorsTOMATOESThe granddaddy of all the garden vegetables, everyone wants them in their garden even though horror stories abound and entire books have been written about how to grow them.

The white heads are great when grown fresh from the garden, but unlike broccoli they don't grow side heads. PEASFresh peas from the garden taste like candy, and they are one of the most rewarding vegetables to grow. LETTUCE, SWISS CHARD, ARUGULA, RADICCHIO and SPINACHAll five of these greens require cool weather, so don't start them too soon.



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