Here’s a way to garden even if you have minimal space - a vertical garden ladder planter! Made of cedar fence pickets, this ladder planter will hold up to the elements but only costs about $20 to build. What I like about this is it could be used as a regular flower planter, an herb planter, or as I did with herbs and flowers to mix it up a little. Once I had all the end pieces cut, I attached them to the sides with the staple gun. Now all I had to do was stand it up, and there was the finished product, a beautiful versatile vertical planter! .

17 Ingenious DIY Vertical Ladder Planter Ideas For Container

Try one of these DIY Ladder Planter or Ladder Plant Stand Ideas available with plans and tutorials! 17 ingenious ladder planter and plant stand ideas with Plans and Tutorials to create a lot of vertical growing space for container gardeners. Tiered Ladder GardenCreate this tiered ladder plant stand using a worn-out ladder and a few wooden planks. DIY Ladder PlanterCreate a lot of vertical space by copying this basic DIY ladder planter idea.

Vintage Drawer Ladder PlanterRe-purpose matured drawers and an old ladder to replicate this vintage cottage style ladder planter. .

DIY Tiered Planter Box

Position two 1 x 6 box end pieces over the ends of a 1 x 6 box front and back piece to form a rectangular frame. Use the BLACK+DECKER SMARTECH™ 20V MAX* Lithium-Ion Drill/Driver and a 3/32" drill bit to drill four evenly spaced pilot holes through the end pieces and into each end of the box front and back.

Insert one of the 1 x 6 box bottom pieces into the frame, flush with the bottom. Screw through the front and back pieces and into the bottom with five 1-1/4" screws, evenly spaced, 3/8" from the bottom edge on both sides of the box. TIP: Depending on what type of screw you're using, pilot holes should be just slightly smaller than the screw. .

15 DIY Ladder Planter Plans

Just check out here these 15 DIY ladder planter plans / DIY Vertical Gardens that would make a super beautiful vertical garden for any of your particular space and will also be a smart way to shift garden greenery to your indoor spaces! Here most of these ladder planters are made of new and recycled woods and are looking pretty impressive! The easy and quick tutorial of this ladder planter is here loveandrenovationsHow To DIY Ladder Garden Tutorial:Are your planter boxes, pots and cans are lying on the garden ground randomly? This three-tiered ladder planter is so much easy and fun to make with some wooden planks and slats. You can also hold your garden tools on this planter ladder and thus making the most out of it. .

Easy DIY Planter Ladder Living Wall

This Planter Living Ladder Wall DIY project could be exactly what the garden called for! Cut the end pieces for your planter boxes (2 per planter box for a total of 10). Make first 15 degree cut and measure out 5.25″ along the bottom and make your next 15 degree cut the opposite direction, making a \__/ shape. Each end will be cut at 15 degrees and unlike the planter boxes, these 15 degree cuts will be parallel.

Before attaching your planter boxes to the frame, sand each planter box with an orbital sander to smooth surface for staining or painting. .

How to Build a Simple Garden Art Ladder

Use these instructions to build a simple painter’s style ladder to use as decor in your garden. This time I decided to build a super-size garden ladder made specifically to be a decoration: not for climbing on.

An actual vintage painter’s ladder (often used as garden art) has much smaller proportions with rungs perhaps 15-inches wide. But I like my garden art big like this giant garden art bird nest and this huge metal coneflower, so my ladder is extra big as well and I love it. The old painter’s ladder has been moved to another part of the garden where it can live out its days in peace.


Step-by-Step Instructions to DIY a Ladder Planter Stand

MaterialsTurn a wooden ladder into space-saving stand for flowers, veggies, and herbs with just a few boards and a coat of paint. Here's what you'll need for this project:• Old stepladder• Tape measure and pencil• Wooden batten• Handsaw• Bubble level• Electric drill and drill bits• Wood screws• Sandpaper• Exterior wood paint and paintbrush• Clear marine varnish (optional)• Vintage wooden crates, galvanized metal tubs, terracotta pots• Thick black plastic liner and scissors• PVA glue or staplegun• Gravel• Multipurpose potting mix .

DIY Ladder Vertical Garden

I made this ladder vertical garden over a month ago and have loved watching the flowers bloom and grow (now I’m going to be singing Julie Andrews all day…). Additionally, the ladder with all the terra cotta pots is quite heavy so even when we had some pretty severe storms blow through, it didn’t budge! This tutorial only requires a few supplies:1 Wooden ladder (mine was cut to about 6 feet)8 terra cotta pots (I used 4 medium size and 4 small)Floral wireFlowers and small plants (trailing kinds work great here)Small chalkboardStep 1-Transplant plants to terra cotta pots, adding garden soil as needed.

Step 3-Wrap the twisted wire around one rung of the ladder, making sure the distance allowed is the height you want the pot to hang. Step 6-Place terra cotta pot in circle and adjust left support as needed to make the pot hang at a slight angle. .

10 DIY Garden Trellises That Cost Less Than $20

Adding a trellis to your garden is highly recommended in some instances, especially if you're growing vegetables. If you have a small yard, trellises are also a great way to train your plants to grow vertically and save space.

However, a lot of premade garden trellises are unnecessarily expensive. Learn how to build a DIY trellis for a fraction of the cost.

All these ideas are affordable and shouldn't cost you more than $20. .

Make Your Garden Art Ladder Last Longer with Boots

Want a way to make a wooden garden art ladder last for years? And you can make your own: How to Build a Decorative Garden Ladder. Working on a flat surface with a tarp (the patio), fill the toes of the boots with mixed Quickcrete, then set the ladder feet into the boots.

Use a spoon to fill all the gaps around the ladder feet (within the boots) with more mixed Quickcrete. Garden Art Ladder GalleryGarden Art Ladder Gallery~Melissa the Empress of Dirt ♛ .

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