Basil is one of the most useful and beautiful herbs you can grow. There are many types of basil with more appearing every year. Try curly basil, dark opal basil, and the traditional Genovese. For instance, classic basil pesto freezes well in small jars or ice cube trays.

Here are some tips that will help you grow beautiful, bushy basil. .

How to Grow Basil in a Container Herb Garden

Certainly the most common cultivar of basil is sweet basil or Genovese basil, but other culinary options — such as Thai, lemon, globe, and cinnamon — are also readily available. One of the main differences between basil and other herbs is the fact that it is a tender annual. It is very sensitive to the cold, so get ready to plant it soon! May is the best time to start growing basil! .

How to Grow Basil in an Indoor Pot or Outdoors

Windowsills are basically made for DIY herb gardens, and if you haven’t created your own yet, this is your sign. The list of plants you can include in your mini indoor garden is lengthy.

You can cultivate mint for things like teas and mojitos, grow chives for added flavor, and harvest your own cilantro for salsas and pickling. Another one of the most versatile herbs is basil, and if its number of uses aren’t reason enough, its ease of growing will convince you to add it to your roster of herbs. .

How to Plant, Grow, and Harvest Basil

Basil is a warm-weather, fragrant herb that tastes great in many dishes—including the beloved homemade pesto! The most common type of basil is sweet basil; other types include purple basil (less sweet than common basil), lemon basil (lemon flavor), and Thai basil (licorice flavor). Basil is easy to grow, but it only grows outdoors in the summer—and only once the soil has warmed up nicely—so plan accordingly.

If you’re planning on making pesto, grow several plants. For other uses, one or two basil plants yields plenty.


How To Grow Basil With Ease

In fact, many gardeners grow basil in containers on patios to help control flies and mosquitoes. How To Grow Basil With EaseThere are 3 basic requirements to establish healthy, vibrant basil plants: fertile soil, proper watering, and giving plants a warm, sunny location to grow.

When planting basil directly in the ground, work in generous amounts of compost to the soil prior to planting. Other popular varieties are Thai basil, lemon basil, purple basil and Greek basil. Harvesting Basil – How To Grow BasilHow you harvest your basil plants will play a key role in just how productive it stays. .

How to Grow Basil Outdoors and in a Pot

There's nothing quite like tasty homemade pesto, and if you've been longing to take your recipe up a notch, growing your own basil might be the perfect solution. If you start plants indoors, are helpful, since this is a tropical plant that doesn’t take kindly to cold.

Mulch your basil plants to retain moisture after the soil has warmed. Grow a few basil plants in containers so you can bring them indoors before fall frost.

To freeze basil, puree washed leaves in a blender or food processor, adding water as needed to make a thick but pourable puree. .

Growing basil from cuttings to get more plants fast… and cheap!

Growing basil from cuttings is a fast, easy, and cheap way to maximize your crop of homegrown basil. Why growing basil from cuttings is a great idea! Growing basil from cuttings cuts growing time by about half.

How to get started growing basil from cuttingsThere are two main ways to root basil; in water or in potting mix. Here is a quick video showing you how to grow basil from cuttings:For more information on growing herbs, be sure to check out these awesome articles:Are you ready to try growing basil from cuttings? .

How to Plant & Grow Basil Plants

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