Here are tips for garden soil preparation:What is Soil? Garden Soil Preparation TipsWithout the living layer of organics and soil bugs, soil is essentially dead. Mulching and avoiding compaction, especially of clay soil, also builds good soil structure over time.

A pH and general soil test let you know the nutrients and mineral content of your soil. If you need more tips for garden soil preparation, don’t hesitate to drop by our garden centers in Bloomingdale and Carpentersville! .

Garden Soil: How to Prepare Your Soil for a Garden

If you have poor soil, consider building a raised garden bed and filling it with a well-balanced soil mix. Here are two options:DIY Soil Test Kit: For the quickest results, you can buy an instant-read soil test kit or electronic tester (such as this one from Amazon).

For the quickest results, you can buy an instant-read soil test kit or electronic tester (such as this one from Amazon). Professional Soil Analysis: But if you’re starting a new garden, it’s a good idea to have your soil tested professionally.

The soil samples will be sent to a lab, which will analyze your soil pH and nutrient content as well as its capacity to retain nutrients. .

How to Prepare Soil for Gardening

Good soil needs to be moist and aerated all at once. It should also be nutrient-rich, which is something that doesn’t generally occur in rocky, pebbly types of soil.

In many parts of the country, good soil is hard to come by, but that doesn’t mean you need to run out and get a bag of potting soil every time you want to garden. It won’t hurt to have some, especially if your dirt is massively inhospitable. In these cases, you might need to create a new blend from the get-go. .

How to Prep Soil for a Vegetable Garden

6 / 13 Marsan/Shutterstock Double Digging Double digging is an old practice for improving the drainage and aeration of poor soil. Basically, you remove a row of soil to a depth of about 1 foot, saving the excavated soil on a tarp.

Then you loosen the hardpan subsoil (a dense layer of soil, usually found below the uppermost topsoil layer) in that trench with a spading fork. You repeat this process until you reach the end of the bed, at which point you use the reserved soil on the tarp to backfill the final trench.

7 / 13 David Hanlon/Shutterstock The Best Soil for a Vegetable Garden and Root Crops Double digging may seem like a lot of work (and it is!) .

soil preparation: 7 ways to make a garden bed

Pin 32 265 SharesHOW DO YOU GET your garden soil ready for growing things each spring? Garden preparation methods aren’t just about fostering good soil to grow healthy plants. 5.

straw bales: a moveable garden (no bed required)DON’T have a sunny spot for those tomatoes in the ground anywhere? One way of Craig’s to prep a bed that I haven’t tried myself: growing not in soil at all, but in straw bales. And no: chunky bark chips in plastic bags from the garden center are not my idea of garden mulch, except for the occasional pathway. .

Raised Bed Gardening

In this podcast, we continue our discussion on raised bed gardening. I received a huge response, many from folks who plan to start raised bed gardening for the first time this season.

Last week, I covered benefits and drawback of raised bed gardening as well as site selection, layout planning, material selection, and site preparation. You may also want to go a step further and start with a layer of hardware cloth underneath your raised bed structure, extending into the ground outside your bed borders. Maintaining Healthy SoilBuilding that initial raised bed garden environment with quality ingredients will provide you good results the first season. .

Prepare Your Soil in Fall for Next Year's Garden

Fall is the best time to prepare your soil for next year’s garden! Get a Soil TestThe only way to tell what your soil really needs is to take a soil test. A basic soil test usually measures phosphorus, potassium, soil pH, and organic matter. The soil test service will also give you recommendations and solutions with suggested materials to add to your soil.

Adjust the Soil pH and Amend the Soil. .

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