Even though a chill is in the air in parts of the country, it doesn't mean gardening season is completely over!Many perennials, annuals, and shrubs actually bloom in the coldest months of the year, sometimes when there's still snow on the ground in colder regions. .

19 Best Winter Flowers to Add Color to Your Garden

When planting shrubs and perennials in your garden, make sure the plant will survive in your USDA Hardiness Zone (check yours here).Winter-blooming shrubs are best planted in the spring or fall for a show next winter. .

12 Best Winter Flowers

While fall signals us that it's time to start preparing our gardens for winter's chilly temperatures, there are still plenty of beautiful blooms that can withstand the season ahead. .

16 Best Winter Flowers

Mother Nature has a well-kept secret: Many annual flowers, perennial flowers, and flowering plants and shrubs actually put on a show in the midst of winter's cold weather, blooming in a range of colors long before the ground has thawed and the snow has melted.And in milder climates, some flowering plants bloom all winter long, adding much-needed brightness to the dreary winter landscape. .

10 Winter-Flowering Plants for Your Pacific Northwest Garden

They don’t produce flowers - all the color is within their ruffled leaves that are green at the edges and gradually transform to purple, blue and white nearing the center.Ornamental kale and cabbage look great in container gardens and can add color to your pathways and deck as cooler weather approaches.The winter-flowering heather is an evergreen plant with colorful swatches of pink, purple, red and white to brighten your landscape.Weather conditions are the biggest influence on the length of a pansy’s flowering period, but you can encourage blooming through winter by removing dead heads and choosing an area that has plenty of light and shelter from wind. .

Planning for Your Winter Flower Garden

If you don’t already know, these zones are a depiction of the average minimum temperature each year.The zone in which you live (and its temperature) determines which types of plants can you can grow.The zones go from the number “1,” which is located in Northern Canada, to “13,” which can be found in Puerto Rico.Any sitting water- above or below the surface- could freeze and kill your plants as early as the first frost.If you have perennials, cut them back six or eight inches above the ground to keep them healthy.Again, depending on the zone you’re in and your preference of flower, you’ll have to choose your garden wisely.The last step in creating a healthy winter garden is to keep mulching.Keep a few inches of mulch above the soil- you can think of it as insulation- to keep your plants warm and healthy in the chilly weather.As with any personal hobby, you have to know what works for you, your habits and your garden.Beginning a winter garden can take a few years to perfect, but the time you put into the care will not be wasted.And don’t forget to reward yourself with some hot cocoa while you relax and enjoy your vibrant winter garden. .

The Most Beautiful Winter Plants of Houston – Plants for All Seasons

While summer is the perfect time for beautiful exotic annuals to brighten up our Houston gardens, there are so many vibrant flowers and plants we can enjoy through winter as well.Snapdragons: Judging by their vibrant display of colors and exotic appearance, you’d think these flashy flowers were made for the tropical sun, but they’re actually much better suited to our mild winter temperatures.Pansies: There’s something so undeniably adorable about these winter-tolerant flowers, available in an endless variety of colors, from rich jewel tones to sunny citrus shades.So long as you don’t spray them with chemicals, you can safely snip off these cute little flower heads and press them into cookies and cakes, or even toss them into salads.Camellias: We absolutely love these evergreen shrubs, because their blooming season can last as long as half the year, and there are so many exciting varieties to choose from.They have an intoxicating scent similar to cloves and cinnamon, so don’t be surprised if you suddenly start craving chai lattes after adding dianthus into the garden.Most types of dianthus don’t exceed eight inches tall, so they make a fantastic border plant along the edge of your garden beds. .

20 Best Winter Flowers

Yes, winter!Evergreen trees and shrubs always are an option for year-round garden interest, but many other kinds of plants can add unexpected splashes of color to the winter landscape.Read on to learn about the best flowers that bloom in winter! .

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