Like a blank canvas, a new flower bed offers you the chance to get creative and fill it with whatever you can imagine (quilt garden, anyone?). add rocks to flower bed around tree base Credit: Brie PassanoHow to Prepare a Flower BedWhen you're starting from scratch, there are a few things to consider first.

Anywhere from a corner of the backyard to your front entryway can make a great spot for a flower bed. Flower Bed Ideas and DesignsOnce you've chosen a site, it's time for the fun part: Flower bed design. Build a raised flower bed. .

13 Flower Border Ideas

Summer Border: Patriotic Combos for American GardenersDavid BeaulieuFor American gardeners, a popular idea is to create a summer flower border using red, white, and blue flowers. Such patriotic displays are usually composed, at least in part, of annual flowers.

Annuals are inexpensive bedding plants, allowing you to plant an impressive display without breaking the bank. If you want all of the plants to be in bloom at the same time (such as around July 4th), be sure to choose plants that will bloom in unison.

In this patriotic border, the red color is achieved with geraniums, the white with annual alyssum, and the blue with blue ageratum, but one could just as easily use: .

Garden borders: 25 ideas for the perfect planting scheme

Garden borders provide infinite opportunities for imaginative planting and are central to a successful garden design. Find more gorgeous garden ideas in our feature full of stunning borders, planting tips and more ways to use your outside space. Repeat planting in a border for a designed effect(Image credit: Leigh Clapp)Repetition in garden borders is the easiest way to unify a planting scheme. Fill garden borders with scented plants(Image credit: Leigh Clapp)Scented plants enliven any garden, so try to include them when possible. Garden border ideas for autumn: top plants(Image credit: Unsplash/Rosario Janza)Autumn presents many garden border ideas that are colourful and will keep you garden looking great well into December. .

How to Create Perfect Edges for Your Garden Beds and Borders

In my garden, a razor-sharp edge serves as a stage that sets off the careful planning and maintenance I do. I use four simple steps to create and freshen up my edges in spring, giving my beds the crisp lines that reflect the effort I put into my garden.

Step 1: Create (or re-create) an edgeThe first step is to cut the edge. If you are creating a new bed, you’ll need to use a garden hose to mark your desired lines. Step 4: Mulch the bedThe final step is to put down 2 to 3 inches of mulch on the bed.


10 Flower Border Ideas and Designs

6 / 10 Pete Starman/Getty Images Green and Modern This border has a few tall purple flowers, but the focus is on shades of green. 7 / 10 elenaleonova/Getty Images Hosta Border There are many varieties of hostas with different shades of leaves. Some are blue-green, some are almost yellow and some have striking variegation.

Even the flowers come in different hues. Hostas are low maintenance, yet they give a landscape much-needed interest and texture. .

How to Make a Stone Border for a Flower Bed

The key, it turns out, is making sure you set up a good stone border wherever you plan on planting. "Use a good landscaping cloth in your bed, and then start setting your stones so they overlap the cloth, so your grass won't be able to jump through," Mina explained. Here's exactly how you can install a stone border for your flower bed, based on Mina's advice:Measure and mark the area you're installing the border on.

(If possible, overlap them with the landscaping cloth, as per Mina's suggestion above.) In this case, simply mark the areas you'll want to install the border on, then place the stones so they overlap the landscaping cloth. .

8 Easy Steps To A New Shrub and Flower Bed

If you've got a couple hours, you can create a new shrub and flower bed using these 8 low-dig steps! I'm excited to share how easy it is to transform a weedy patch of yard into a neat and tidy new shrub and flower bed in just eight easy steps and less time than you would think. Every time we make a new bed or border in our yard, we take the same eight easy steps, no matter if we're starting with grass or weed-filled ground like this area. 8 Easy Steps to a New Shrub and Flower Bed1. Fill in around the plants with original soil mixed with good soil.


How to Redo an Existing Flower Bed

While redoing a flower bed may seem like a daunting task, we’re here to walk you through the process for clearing out and building a DIY flower bed that even a professional landscaper could be proud of. If you’re planning for more of an overhaul, follow along with the following steps to completely redo an existing flower bed.

Pull Out the WeedsTo prepare your flower bed for new plants, you must clear and deeply cultivate the existing planted areas. Redesign Your Flower BedIf you’re putting in the work to completely redo your flower bed, it makes sense to reconfigure and perfect the layout. Plant and Mulch the Flower BedArmed with our garden design tips from above, you can confidently bring your DIY flower bed sketch to life. .

Flower Bed Design - How to Design a Garden Bed

There are two basic types of garden beds; island beds and borders and two basic styles of gardens; formal and informal. A short bed doesn't need to be as deep, a 3 foot by 8 foot bed will look right at home. Island beds, on the other hand, are not anchored by a backdrop and can be viewed from all sides. Since island beds can be reached from all sides; only beds larger than 6 to 8 feet across will need access for maintenance.

Tall plants are in brown, medium-tall plants are in blue, medium-short plants are in teal, and short plants are in dark green. .

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