A river rock flower bed is equal parts practical and pretty.And, with a smooth, sometimes even polished finish, river rocks add handsome texture to a bed.River rocks drain quickly, so they’re perfect for succulents, cacti and other plants that don’t like moisture around their stems.Weeds will find their way through river rock unless you line the base with landscape fabric first.They lend texture to a landscape year-round and you can create even more contrast and visual interest by mixing up sizes.Larger river rocks can be used to help prop up plants that tend to splay as they get taller. .

How to Landscape With River Rock

What is River Rock?From controlling erosion, to adding texture to a walking path, to serving as mulch for your xeriscape, water-polished stones will do wonders for your landscape.Make a rock garden of river rocks.Here’s how to build a rock garden.River rocks can be used to create an elegant walking path of these small, round stones.To add extra glow, lay down garden paths or edges with white river rocks.The result: A river rock surface has better drainage.Create a river rock mosaic that can be embedded in concrete to create a one-of-a-kind walking path in your front yard.Mulch your flower beds.Mulch your garden beds with river rock for an added dose of texture.River rock mulch helps prevent erosion and offers various colors and sizes to make those plants stand out in the landscape.Rock mulch offers a permanence that most organic mulches cannot.Landscape edging.Place a layer of river rocks around your garden beds as edging.Edging accentuates your flower beds and gardens by creating a definitive border, and it helps to prevent erosion.Place at the bottom of your water features.The result: River rocks will look stylish as a mulch ground cover for your pool’s succulent garden.Lay down a river rock walking path to lead the way, or place your pool’s patio furniture on a river rock bed.The result: If you xeriscape just right, your garden should require water only from the local climate.Cost may range between $100 and $300 per ton, sometimes costing as high as $800 per ton.Many river rock landscape ideas are easy DIY projects, while others may require a professional for installation.If you place a few medium-sized river rocks beneath a downspout to control drainage, you may not need landscape fabric.May require a barrier between river rock and the soil, such as landscape fabric.When you have a range of landscaping designs and different river rock types to choose from, sometimes you need a professional’s advice.Call a professional landscaper near you if you need assistance with river rock landscape design, installation, river rock removal, or moving large stones. .

DIY River Rock Garden Bed

Let’s talk about how to create river rock raised garden beds!They are beautiful and extremely economical to make if you have a lot of river rocks on your property!You also get a bonus story about the haunted house that we used to live in!So, story time: Many moons ago, we lived in a beautiful, fully-restored 1905 Victorian house on a hillside in a small town.Anyways, I was going through some old photos of our earlier homesteading days.It’s weird – even looking at pictures of that house and property makes me super unsettled!But, I came across a really fun project we did there: a raised garden bed made from river rocks!About our River Rock Garden Bed:.These river rock raised garden beds were invented as a perfect way to use our natural resources and to use up scrap materials!The leftover scraps of fence posts and wire fencing worked perfectly to create the frame for these raised beds!To be honest, we weren’t at this property long enough to actually garden in these raised beds.How to Create your own River Rock Garden Bed:.4″x4″ posts or other lumber boards (we used bits and pieces of fencing posts left over from previous a fencing project).For our beds, we used scrap pieces of fencing posts.For each side of the bed, you will need to cut two pieces of fencing (one for the exterior “wall” and one for the interior “wall”).For each side of the bed, start attaching the wire to form the exterior wall first, using the fencing staples, as shown below.Continue connecting wire to each side to form all four walls of the raised bed.Once your rock walls are created, you can fill your raised bed with soil, compost and plants! .

How to Use River Rock in Plant Beds

River rocks of all shapes and sizes add a hard element to balance the soft features of flower beds.River rocks get tumbled in water so they have smooth and polished finish, making them easy to work with.A short wall of stacked river rocks is visually appealing and creates a raised plant bed for anything from flowers to vegetable crops.A large, rectangular river rock in the plant bed serves as a focal point and a garden bench for small children. .

75 Beautiful River Rock Landscaping Pictures & Ideas

Both the clients as well as myself have a great appreciation for midcentury design and its clean lines but the majority of the landscapes found in Mid-century housing developments across America miss the mark when it comes to more current sensibilities.These home owners loved the view of the mountains from their back yard in Santa Barbara, the way the warm colored sand stone boulders peak through muted greens of the Chaparral. .

25 Practical River Rock Landscaping Ideas That Worth Making

Decorate your garden and turn it into a natural look by adding the river rock landscaping.On the other side, it can hide the uninvited view of the dirt, which makes your garden looks cleaner and prettier.You can see how to maintain it, the DIY river rock landscaping to decorate your garden, and any other ideas.Make your garden looks more natural by adding the large river rock landscaping.No worries, this kind of rock still working at its best to make your garden looks beautiful.Try considering the river rock landscaping for your raised garden bed.Functionally, these stacked stones can be a smart hack to seat if you want to enjoy the fresh air in your garden.It is always a good idea to cooling down your body when summer is coming in your own pool.Consider the natural pool made out of river rock landscaping.Also, grow some plants around the pool to accentuate the natural vibe, which can provide more oxygen for fresher air.Last, you can add the garden lamp to highlight the river rocks when the dark is coming.Plus, this DIY river rock landscaping is worth building.Put the river rock landscaping for the edge of the terraced garden.You can make it looks more beautiful by growing some types of plants for greenery tough.On the other side, cover the lower part of the pillars of the patio with the stacked stones.Then, you can also install the stone fire pit to bring in the warm vibe during your quality time on the patio.Choose the modern river rock landscaping like the white gravel for your yard.Adding the gravel river rocks make the stepping stones feel like floating up in the air.The gravel river rock landscaping keeps the stepping stone clean as well.Decorate your garden with the stunning desert vibe with the river rock landscaping.No worries, this kind of art is worth making to elevate your house as well.Decorate your garden with the beauty of nature, made out of the river rock landscaping.One of the simple ways yet gives you the adorable result is the colorful flower made out of the river rocks.Attaching the water feature to your garden will always be the best choice that brings in the shooting ambiance.One of the benefits of the river rock landscaping is to bring in the natural look on your house.Put some gravel to your indoor garden to make it looks adorably beautiful.Tips: Consider the clear roof to make sure your indoor garden gets a sufficient amount of sunlight.Cover the dirt with the grey small river rock landscaping, and combine it with the light color of the bigger ones.Create the rectangle part made out of the bigger river rock.Bring in the refreshing atmosphere to your backyard, where you can reduce the stress inexpensively.Don’t forget to grow some plants surrounding it, and put the light on the waterfall.Challenge your creativity by making your own stepping stone made out of river rock.On the other side, it can add the natural touch to the slope made out od large river rock and make it looks admirable.Here is another DIY river rock landscaping to beautify your garden.Cut the landscape fabric that fits the size of the area you intend to place the river rock.Prevent the boring look of the concrete flooring of the patio by decorating it with the various type of river rock.Impress your guests by installing the pathway on your way home from the entrance.Attach the garden light to make it warm and looks adorably stylish.Create a mini garden in the corner of your backyard by growing some flowers and the other plants.It is the smart solution to keep the stormwater roof run-off from splashing dirt on their home siding.On the other side, you can put the gravel in the bottom of flower pots to create a drainage foundation for the plants.Create the foundation by using the concrete, then put the stone on the edge of the deck. .

Mulch or River Rock? What about Weed Barrier Fabric?

Applying mulch to your garden and landscape provides a number of benefits, including reduced erosion and water loss, improved soil nutrition and a more balanced soil temperature.Mulch is anything used to cover the landscape bed.At Jensen Gardens, we offer two types of mulch: natural hardwood mulch in medium brown, and color-enhanced hardwood mulch in dark chocolate.River rock is considerably more expensive than organic mulches such as shredded bark, wood chips or compost and comes in at about three to six times the cost of organic mulches.Both wood mulch and river rock will require periodic weeding.For water conservation we recommend wood or other organic mulches over rock.Both wood mulch and river rock provide weed control.Both river rock and wood mulch are far better than bare soil for weed control.After 4-6 years, the river rock beds silt in and build up organic matter to a point where they will have occasional weeds sprout on top of the weed barrier fabric, making the weed control of river rock vs. the weed control of wood mulch the same.In conclusion, both river rock and wood mulch have their benefits and drawbacks.Beds requiring water erosion prevention.We utilize hardwood mulch for most of our landscape planting beds and incorporate river rock by creating dry stream beds for downspouts and waterways.


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