There's nothing like the vibrant color of flowers to make your yard come alive. The Basics: Sun and WaterLike all plants, flowers need water and sunlight. Bulbs such as daffodils and tulips are planted in the fall and are the first flowers to emerge the following spring. Although these flowers do not bloom until the summer, spring planting will give them time to establish themselves and yield intense blooms.

Flowers add stunning visual appeal to any property and can do so for most of the year. .

Front Yard Landscaping Ideas to Sell Your Home

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How to Pick Landscaping Plants

If you need some help selecting plants for your garden, this guide provides information on perennials, annuals, ground covers, vines, shrubs, and trees commonly used in designing a garden. Plant selection should always be governed by research into the qualities of the specific specimens under consideration, and sometimes you will need to make a compromise. But never is such research more critical than when it comes to selecting trees for your landscape. Here are all the different plant types to consider when planning your landscaping. .

How To Choose The Best Plants For Your Garden

Keep reading to find out how to choose the best plants for your garden. Remember that shade plants require less than 4 hours of sunlight per day, part shade plants need between 4 and 6 hours of sun a day, and full sun plants need more than 6 hours. To limit the amount of extra watering required, try to choose plants whose moisture needs fit the spot you are filling. 11 | Buy Perennial Plants, Bushes and TreesThe last tip when picking the best plants for your garden is to buy perennial flowers, shrubs and trees. Other Gardening Ideas You Might LikeHave comments or questions on how to choose plants for landscaping your garden? .

Choosing The Right Flowers For Your Garden

We’re here to make this easier with a few tips on how you can choose the right flowers and plants for your beautiful garden. Now that you know the different lifespans of flowers you can plant, you must make sure the conditions are right for them to grow properly. If you’re in a warmer climate, you’ll want to start planting your garden around February, so the flowers will be blooming in early spring.

Some flowers, like sunflowers, grow very tall and could visually look disproportionate with your garden. Choosing a quality soil to plant your flowers in will not only add nutrients to the flower, but likely will stay moist throughout the day. .

Flower Bed Ideas for the Front of Your House

Are you looking for front of house flower bed ideas? 1 / 10Jorge Salcedo/ShutterstockEnglish Country GardenWhat could be more breathtaking for flower bed ideas front of house than a quintessentially English country garden? Use traditional cottage garden plants like speedwell (Veronica), catmint and forget-me-nots. Place taller plants at the back, with lower growing species in the front, and you’ll have the perfect front of house garden bed against a picket fence. If you’re not sure how to design your flower bed, we think these 12 flower bed designs will inspire you.


Simple Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

Using Plants in Your Front Yard LandscapingThe architectural features of your yard will be the most expensive and permanent. Trees, Shrubs, and Ground CoversTrees, shrubs, and ground covers are permanent purchases that increase in both size and value and take little maintenance.

Trees give the yard and house a look of permanence, and soften the second story or roofline against the sky. front exterior lawn garden landscaping brick walk way Credit: John MerklPlanning Your WalkwayThe best plan for a walkway varies from yard to yard. More Front Yard Landscaping Ideas .

Curb Appeal, Flowers, and Color Theory: Landscaping Tips for

In real estate, your home’s curb appeal is the “packaging” and with a few colorful curb appeal flowers you can improve the color story it’s telling and make the buyers fall in love with your house at first sight. Just take care when planting white flowers against other neutrals like deep gray stone or black poured concrete.

The only trick is finding truly blue flowers as many lean more toward the warmer, blue-violet end of blue’s color spectrum. Best With: Like crisp white, blue is another option to tone down the impact or dark or ultra-vibrant home exteriors. Luckily, color theory, color psychology and the right hue of vibrant flowers to complement your home’s exterior color will help you “package” your home’s curb appeal like an advertising pro. .

How to Design a Beautiful Flower Garden

Do your best to stick to your list; it’s easy to get carried away when you're face-to-face with all the beautiful options. While still in their nursery pots, place your plants on top of the soil where you want them to go before you dig any holes.

That way it's easy to see if you have enough plants to fill the space adequately or make adjustments the arrangement. Once you're satisfied, start digging and popping the plants into their new homes.

Monitor your rainfall and water as needed, ensuring that your plants receive about an inch of water a week. .


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