Have you secretly considered turning your high-maintenance mixed border into a wildflower garden? In truth, starting a wildflower garden is often more work than putting in a perennial border and it is not necessarily self-perpetuating. Well, let's start with what growing a wildflower garden actually means. Maintaining ControlCan a wildflower garden become established and continue to self-sow, without becoming too invasive? A bonus of a wildflower garden is the wildlife it attracts, including butterflies, hummingbirds, and beneficial insects. .

Planting Wildflowers

If you did not mow your planting in fall: you still can! If you mowed your planting the previous fall: we recommend combing through your planting site with a rake to remove excess plant materials. Add More Wildflowers to an Existing Meadows in SpringThe easiest and most effective way to add more seed if you have not recently mowed, is to take a steel rake and rough up small areas, or "pockets," throughout the planting site.

Seed Man's Planting Tip: A quick and simple 'snipping' every other week will greatly reduce the amount of unwanted plants in your meadow, and will put your wildflowers way ahead of the game. Bring a friend and a glass of wine so you can Snip n' Sip your way through the wildflowers. .

How to Create a Wildflower Garden: 15 Steps (with Pictures)


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How to Grow a Wildflower Garden • The Garden Glove

Most of us who garden have at one time or another dreamed of the charm and whimsy of a wildflower garden. Why grow a wildflower garden? Or somewhere in between… Whichever direction you choose, here’s how to get started and how to keep your wildflower garden gorgeous! No need to add fertilizer or compost when you grow a wildflower garden though, wildflowers are accustomed to poor soil. But definitely learn how to grow a wildflower garden! .

Go wild in the garden: how to sow your own wildflower meadow

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Grow a Mini Wildflower Garden

Grow a Mini Wildflower Garden An interview with Mike Lizotte about seeds, the beauty of wildflowers, and planting a flower garden in whatever space you have. He is also the owner of American Meadows, a top source for wildflower seeds including regional seed mixes that make it easy to grow a mini wildflower garden no matter where you live. But a 50-square-foot-patch of lawn or a planter box in a high-rise can also be a great place for a mini wildflower garden.

You could grow a fabulous wildflower garden on an acre or land or in a 1,000 square feet garden plot. What are the top 3 benefits of growing a mini meadow garden or a mini wildflower garden? .

Planting a Wildflower Meadow? Site Preparation Comes First

by Cathy NealSuccessfully establishing a meadow from seed is a three-year process, with the first year devoted to good site preparation. Seeding in the fall after a full season of site preparation is my preferred strategy when starting a new wildflower meadow.

Once past the site preparation year and the first growing season, the established meadow will require very little additional maintenance. For a complete description of site preparation alternatives and wildflower establishment strategies, see the UNH Extension fact sheet Planting for Pollinators: Establishing a Wildflower Meadow from Seed.

Site preparation, seed selection, and related research will be discussed and demonstrated at a Univ. .

Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden and Bird Sanctuary

Posed and commercial photography is prohibited in the Wildflower Garden. Dogs and other pets are not allowed in the Wildflower Garden. On-duty service animals are allowed (on trails and in buildings) in the Wildflower Garden. In early 1907 Eloise Butler, John Greer and others petitioned the park board for space in Glenwood Park to establish a botanical garden.

1927: The garden is re-named Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden in her honor. .


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