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The 8 Best Garden Hoses of 2021

With that in mind, these are the best garden hoses to buy. There’s no shortage of garden hoses to choose from out there, including traditional rubber hoses, lightweight expanding hoses, and even heavy-duty metal hoses that can take a beating.

Expandable hoses offer a number of benefits, including that they’re lightweight and more compact than standard rubber hoses. A bit lighter than our best overall pick, the 5/8-inch 50-foot Flexzilla Garden Hose weighs just 8 pounds, making it accessible for people of all ages and abilities.

Burst strengthMany hoses list a burst strength, which is the amount of water pressure the hoses can handle before they tear. .

Best Garden Hoses in 2021

Garden hoses made from cheap, flimsy materials make even the simplest watering tasks a nightmare. Dramm's ColorStorm Garden Hose is made from heavy-duty rubber and doesn't kink. See also: The best garden hose nozzlesInsider Reviews: Honest reviews on top products & services Loading Something is loading.

And for more guidance on how to shop for and take care of your garden hose, read our FAQs section. Here are the best garden hoses in 2021 .

Garden Hoses & Water Hoses

The Right Garden Hose Makes a DifferenceA garden hose is a must-have for homeowners, but all garden hoses are not the same. Whether you’re watering your lawn and garden or spraying off decks, patios and driveways, you want to choose a garden hose that is just right for your watering needs.

True Value carries water hoses that range in length from 25 to 100 feet, as well as shorter leader hoses used to connect to hose reels. Drinking Water Safe Hose: Ideal for boats & RVs, hoses labeled, “drinking water safe” are free from chemicals like lead, plasticizers, BPA and more.

Specialty Hoses and AccessoriesTrue Value also carries watering hoses with special features like NeverKink, that resist tangling, or As Seen On TV hoses that are expandable or retractable. .

Best Garden Hose of 2021

1 Best Overall Garden HoseFlexzilla 5/8-InchWill not kink when full of water Extremely durable Easy to coil The bright color shows dirt and wear Hose will twist during storage: Hybrid Polymer |: 150The Flexzilla Garden Hose is our top recommendation for a garden hose. The Water Right performs the best when connected to low-pressure sprinklers, drip irrigation systems, or when connected to a lower pressure water source. The most durable expandable hose was the GrowGreen Expandable Garden Hose, which was the only expandable to show no signs of damage from our durability testing. The Flexzilla Garden Hose was our choice for best overall. Credit: Bix FirerThe FitLife Expandable Garden Hose scored just below the Flexzilla and best among expandable hoses. .

Best Garden Hoses: Guide & Recommendations

If you’re just interested in the different types of hoses and our recommendations for the best garden hose, scroll down to Types of Hoses. How to Choose the Best Garden Hose for YouThere isn’t just one kind of garden hose that’s perfect for everyone.

While all garden hoses will kink if twisted (yes, even the “kink-free” hoses), some are better than others. Types of Garden HosesBelow are descriptions of the most common types of garden hoses, along with our recommendations.

Video ResourcesHow to Repair the Damaged End of a Garden HoseHow to Fix a Ruptured, Punctured or Leaking Garden HoseNow over to you – Which garden hoses have you used? .

Garden hose: Get our favorite watering tool for 30% off right now

Flexzilla makes our favorite garden hose—and it's on sale for an incredible price— Recommendations are independently chosen by Reviewed’s editors. Is there an art to the garden hose? In our opinion, the best garden hose to meet those needs is the Flexzilla—and it's now available for less than $40 in the 50-foot length. For more modest needs, there's the 10-foot Flexzilla hose, available for $18.98—a full 25% of of its list price of $25.20. The Flexzilla won the top spot as our favorite garden hose for its lightweight, flexible construction, comfort grips at both ends (a rare and welcome feature) and lead-free build.


Best Garden Hose Holder

Disclosure PolicyFacebookPinterestTwitterLooking for the best garden hose holder in 2021? Related: Deer Resistant Plants 101Wall Mount Garden Hose ReelsLet's start with wall mount garden hose reels. Best Retractable Garden Hose ReelA newish option in garden hose storage is the retractable garden hose reel. Decorative Garden Hose PotsAnother option in garden hose storage that may work for you is a decorative pot. There are many options to choose from, including:wall mount garden hose reelsretractable hose reelshideaway hose reelsgarden hose carts, andpots designed to hide your garden hose.



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