If you’re looking for a garden hose to water your lawn or complete other jobs outside your home, the This Old House Reviews Team is here to help.We researched the best garden hoses on Amazon and created a buyer’s guide to help you make an educated purchasing decision.This garden hose from Flexzilla has a distinctive green coating that can withstand severe weather conditions and temperatures between -40 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit.The hose is also engineered with flexible hybrid polymer, allowing it to lay flat and resist kinks.Customers who gave the product a poor rating said that the hose’s heavy weight made it difficult to maneuver and that moisture caused it to grow black mold.This durable garden hose from Briggs and Stratton has a heavy-duty construction that makes it ideal for commercial, industrial, and residential applications.It’s made from rubber and brass, allowing it to withstand rough use and extreme temperatures and weather conditions.Several customers said that this garden hose from Briggs and Stratton was durable and sturdy, noting that it didn’t kink and could handle hot water.This compact garden hose from Giraffe is designed with a weather- and abrasion-resistant outer coating to give you access to water in a variety of environments.Customers who wrote one-star reviews said that they experienced irreparable holes or bursts in the hose after several months of use.This expandable garden hose from Gardguard comes with all of the accessories you need to use and store it, including a spray nozzle, mounting bracket, and carrying bag.Comes with a nine-pattern spray nozzle, a hose clamp, a carrying bag, and three replaceable rubber end pieces.Before buying a garden hose, it’s important to understand how its design and specifications impact its performance.A garden hose’s size is measured by its length, with most models being between five and 100 feet long.Expandable garden hoses typically have a latex core and a polyester covering.This combination of materials allows the hose to expand and contract without sacrificing flexibility and durability.Other models like the Giraffe Five-Foot Garden Hose have swivel grips that make connecting it to a spigot easier.We recommend products in each review using an intensive research process, spending hours combing through the best available models on Amazon.For a product to make our list of top picks, it must hold a solid sales record on Amazon, have consistently positive customer reviews, and offer unique features, among other factors.After narrowing down our list of recommendations, we conduct additional research and sometimes in-person testing to ensure that the products meet our standards.Once we conclude the research phase, we craft a well-rounded, user-friendly article that includes our recommended products and additional information to help homeowners like you make the right purchase. .

Best Garden Hoses: Guide & Recommendations

But small differences can have a big impact on how long the hose lasts and how easy it is to use.But many homeowners who buy lower quality hoses end up replacing theirs each year due to leaks, cracks or rot.Although some problems can be repaired, it’s generally more cost-effective to buy a good quality hose to begin with.In this article, we review the features to consider when buying a new garden hose so that you’ll know what to look for in choosing a quality product.Not only do longer hoses cost more, but they’re heavier to move around, need more storage space, can be difficult to drain before putting them away for the winter, and can result in lower water pressure coming out the end.They tend to be lighter weight but because of the smaller diameter they don’t carry as much water.These hoses are not appropriate for use with sprinklers or anything that requires higher water pressure (like washing your car).You’ll commonly find garden hoses made of rubber, vinyl, or a combination of the two.A basic vinyl hose (usually reinforced with a radial cord) is the least expensive and most lightweight option but also the least sturdy.It’s more prone to kinking, splitting and cracking than other materials and can degrade quickly if left in the sun or exposed to harsh weather.Rubber hoses are generally the strongest and most long-lasting, but also carry the highest price tag and can be heavy to haul around the garden.Rubber has the added benefits of being able to carry hot water, being less likely to kink, and resisting cracking and ozone deterioration (so they don’t fall apart if left in the sun).Be careful with both rubber and vinyl garden hoses as they leach chemicals into the water than make it unsafe to drink.These are generally made from polyurethane and have been specially built so as not to leach harmful chemicals.For pressure washer use, check your manual before buying a hose – you may need an even higher psi.Garden hose couplings are the end pieces that attach to spigots, sprinklers and nozzles.You can identify cast brass because it’s thicker than sheet metal and usually has an octagonal shape so that the coupling can be turned with a wrench.Thin stamped-metal fittings can be difficult to tighten at the spigot, bend easily (so don’t step on it or run over it with the lawnmower or car), and break down over time.All else being equal, a large octagon-shaped coupling is easiest to tighten, particularly for those of us with stiff fingers or lower grip strength.We always recommend that you use a high quality rubber washer (such as this one from Gilmour) at the connection point between the hose fitting and the spigot or nozzle.These hoses are generally made from vinyl (sometimes with a reinforcing mesh or multiple plies (layers)) so can kink more easily, often have plastic fittings, and tend to come in thinner diameters but prices are in the lower range.While you can find light duty hoses online, your best bet is to visit your local home improvement store or garden center.Flexon PH5850 50FT Commercial Black Premium Rubber Hose, Multi With crush-proof solid brass couplings, high burst strength, and a 10-year warranty, this heavy-duty rubber garden hose is built to last.Scotts SMF58050CC MaxFlex Premium Heavy Duty Garden Hose, 5/8-Inch by 50-Feet, Green.>> Lead-free for safe drinking, with heavy-duty aluminum couplings, reinforcement at the spigot end, and a 500psi burst strength.Has a coiled collar at the spigot end, lead-free aluminum couplings, and an anti-microbial to prevent build-up of mold and mildew.>> With a lifetime replacement guarantee, this hose stays flexible at temperatures below freezing, has brass couplings and a collar, and a 500 psi burst strength rating.You’ve probably seen ads on TV for these scrunchie-like hoses that expand up to three times their length when filled with water.Plus, unlike other expandable hoses, it stretches to a full-size 5/8 inch diameter and 50 feet in length.With a 5-year warranty and no signs of wear after almost a year of extensive use in the garden, it is clearly built to last.Look for hoses labeled “drinking water safe” or at least “lead-free” – you’ll often find them sold for recreational use, such as for use in boats and RVs.Water Right PSH-050-MG-4PKRS Polyurethane Lead Safe Ultra-Light Slim Garden Hose, 50-Foot x 7/16-Inch, Olive Green.7/16-inch inside diameter handles 4-5 gallons per minute flow rate, although this is less than the typical 5/8″ hose.>> Made from recycled material with nickel-plated brass fittings and extra thick walls to minimize spurting.Instead, you cut it to the desired length and insert the provided friction-fit, plastic male and female fittings.It’s not a hose that you’d bury but it’s more flexible than a rubber soaker and works well with low water pressure.>> These 1/2-inch hoses are easily customizable to meet your irrigation needs – just cut pieces to length and connect.They generally come in shorter lengths (15-foot and 25-foot lengths are most common, although some companies make longer ones) and a ½-inch or smaller diameter (resulting in lower water flow and pressure compared to a typical garden hose).Water Right PCH-050-MG-6PKRS Polyurethane Lead Safe Coil Garden Hose, 50-Foot x 3/8-Inch (Olive Green).>> Chrome-plated machined brass fittings with a collar and a 12-inch section of straight hose at both ends to make it easier to attach and use.>> Features a coil spring hose protector and solid brass compression couplings, plus a faucet adapter.Because they’re very flexible (so that they can flatten out), flat garden hoses are generally made of vinyl, puncture and kink more easily and have a lower burst pressure rating.Last update on 2021-12-04 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API. .

The 4 Best Garden Hoses in 2022

Whether you want to wash your car at home, maintain your garden, or turn your backyard into a water park, a good hose makes all the difference.Despite its heavy weight, the rugged ColorStorm Garden Hose provides an efficient and surprisingly smooth watering experience.Its thick rubber body doesn't bend or kink, while its metal fittings can withstand rough handling.If space is at a premium, you should consider TheFitLife's flexible multifunctional hose, which expands to three times its length when water is flowing through but shrinks back down for compact storage. .

The 10 Best Garden Hoses of 2022

Some reviewers praised this 50-foot hose for its durability, saying it could even be dragged over rocky or rough terrain without sustaining damage. .


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