And since many plants attract tons of pollinators, you’ll enjoy watching butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds flit about while you drink your morning coffee or sip your iced tea. .

20 Best Patio Plants

When pleasant weather arrives, you're sure to be spending lots more time outdoors, and it's all the better to do so with the delightful color, fragrance, and beauty plants add to your patio.Flowers, herbs, edibles, and more all might look great in your space, depending on your preference, and for season-long color, plan to plant both annuals and perennials (which will come back for years). .

The Best 15 Heat-Tolerant Plants for Decks and Patios

If you have pets or children, just be sure to keep these plants out of reach, because all parts are poisonous if ingested. .

9 Perfect Plants for Front Porch Ideas

Think potted plants, window boxes, shrubs, hedges and climbers.By the time you’ve read this article, you’ll know exactly how to choose the perfect plants for your porch.Since it’s an enclosed area, chances are your front porch will have some filtered sun throughout the day.Regular petunias will work well if you want to add a splash of color in the summer months.As long as the plant receives at least 6 hours of sun a day, it will thrive and blossom for you.Hang lantanas from the ceiling along with some porch string lights for a charming effect.Keep in mind, you’ll have to heavily prune the plant if you’re all set for a flower bonanza on your front porch.Choosing from the plants below will give you something to work with even if your porch receives as little as 2 hours of direct sun daily.The ideas are easier to bring to life, so here’s some more exciting front porch greenery for you.Hostas are a smart choice when you want to landscape the shady areas at the front of your home.Wandering Jew (Transcendentia zebrina) is the perfect plant for those who want to add some character to their front porch.The plant will fit snugly on your front porch if you put it in a hanging basket and let it sprawl down.It fares best in filtered light but requires some bright indirect sun to develop the colors.Wandering Jew is pretty easy to grow, allowing you the freedom to decorate your space in a no-fuss manner.Place them at your front entrance as a feature green or arrange them in a pot with other plants.They match wonderfully with companion plants such as Ajuga, hostas and English ivy.If your front porch is surrounded by tall trees, you’ll have to be super careful about what to plant.This is true whether you want to populate garden beds that line your porch or throw in some potted plants.Plants that grow in areas with dry shade have to compete with the trees for moisture, hence the name.However, the plants below give you a fighting chance to dress up even the driest and darkest of places.Once you put them on your porch, remember to water your dry shade plants regularly.This ornamental plant won’t give you a hard time as it’s handy and low maintenance.It’s ideal for filling in any unwanted bear spots and creating a beautiful and compact porch look.Pachysandras are a great shrub choice for planting in shady areas at higher angles.Throw it into your shady garden beds, low-light nooks and in dry shade beneath the trees.Pachysandra is hardy in Zones 4 to 9 and it will grow well in colder temperatures, but won’t tolerate winter sun.But think hard before settling on any plants for your front porch pots and garden beds.The good news is, you don’t have to save all your plant beauties for the back porch.Head over to Gardening Channel to fetch more plant ideas for front porch. .

12 Best Fall Flowers for Pots

Flower-filled pots, window boxes, and hanging baskets are an easy way to dress up your porch or patio, and they're not just for spring and summer: Choose the right plants and you'll have beautiful blooms throughout the fall.Create a muted look with white and pastel pansies, brighten things up with bold asters, or use succulents and ornamental cabbage for a lush green porch-scape. .

Meet 12 of the Best Container Plants

Other than shade, the most important thing to remember about New Guinea impatiens is to keep them watered — their fleshy stems and leaves droop the instant the soil gets dry. .

30 Shade-Loving Container Garden Ideas

Let the elephant's ear stand tall and proud, taking center stage, while all of the smaller plantings fill in around the edges beautifully. .

Best Shade Plants for Pots & Shade Container Ideas

Whether it's a wooded suburban lot or a north-facing apartment balcony, low light means more growing challenges. .

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