15 Ultra Kid-Friendly Backyard IdeasShareLook no further for creative ways to make the backyard a place your kids will love to spend time in. These ideas for sprucing up their play space will keep them active and entertained there which is key in San Diego where it’s possible to enjoy the outdoors almost every day of the year. Use Playground Tiles —Need a play area? A play area can be created almost anywhere using a type of rubber playground tiles.

Natural Playscapes —Experts suggest that kids play longer and stay more engaged in natural playscapes that resemble the great outdoors. .

2 Effective Ways to Make Your Patio More Child-Friendly

More and more of my customers are opting for solutions to make their patio more child-friendly, as it’s such a hard surface. As an experienced landscaper, I’m going to tell you about two of the most effective ways to make your patio more child-friendly, below. Artificial grassFor an aesthetically pleasing solution, it’s not uncommon to place artificial grass on top of a patio.

I’ve personally installed artificial grass in a customer’s home to two areas of slabbing. ConclusionI hope you’ve found this blog helpful when looking for ways to make your patio more child-friendly.


How to toddler proof a concrete garden?

Hi OP we are the same our garden is concrete slabs too my DS nearly 3 years old and my DD 1 year old have both learnt to be able to cope with the concrete we pay close attention to them both my DS is better now but never stopped him going out in the garden to play my DH did build decking at the back with fake grass on top maybe that's something you can look at artificial grass not sure if there's somewhere that would deliver it in today's circumstances but worth a thoughtOther than that just carry on and keep a close eye they soon get better with their balance and understanding of what's dangerous .

14 Ideas for a Kid-Friendly Backyard Play Area

Water TableWater play is also important for a child’s development, making a water table a great addition to any backyard play area. With that in mind, here are a few age-appropriate backyard play area ideas that will keep your child’s budding imagination running wild:5.

DIY Backyard Sports FieldThis low-cost DIY backyard play area idea will give your sports-minded kids a fun spot to hone their skills. Age Range: 6+ years oldRemember: Safety Is KeyNo matter what backyard play area ideas you have in mind, always make safety a priority.

Once the dust settles from building your backyard play area, you might need to spruce things up a bit. .

making our concrete back yard baby and child safe?

We live in a 3 bed end of terrace house with a tiny front garden that leads out onto a busy alley way, and a smallish concrete back yard that has steps from the back door down to a square 'patio' area which then steps down again to a flat rectangular bit (its like a fat L shape). I've got a 5 YO, a 10MO and one on the way - how do i go about making it baby and child-friendly so they can play and make the most of the space? it's a proper little sun trap, and we currently have no shade unless i've got the table and parasol up on the patio bit, which then eats into the space the children have to play. OP’s posts: See all .

Alternatives to grass: 11 no-mow ideas for your garden

And if so, what will you replace it with: gravel, decking, paving or even fake grass? Make a meadowAn increasingly popular option, a meadow can be created by simply allowing existing lawn grass to grow longer than usual, and cutting it only once or twice in summer. Areas near the house can be cut as normal, with paths made with a mower through longer grass in areas that aren’t used regularly. Letting lawn grass grow long doesn’t automatically mean masses of wildflowers will appear, however; grasses will dominate.

In many cases, simplifying the shape of a real grass lawn to minimise maintenance, sowing a mini-meadow or making a gravel garden instead is a more natural, wildlife-friendly, not to mention cheaper, alternative. .

How to design a child friendly garden: make your plot a safe space

Lee Burkhill, multi-award-winning garden designer of Garden Ninja, also uses zoning in his child friendly garden designs – incorporating relaxing areas for adults and teenagers, too. Add shallow water features for paddlingA stylish water feature doubles up as a paddling pool in this garden designed by Tom Howard Garden Design (Image credit: Tom Howard Garden Design)Garden designer Tom Howard of Tom Howard Garden Design has great advice regarding water in the garden. This garden by Tom Howard Garden Design uses lots of child friendly materials (Image credit: Tom Howard Garden Design)Pick your materials wisely and watch out for sharp or hard materials, such as jagged rocks, spiked fences, or metal finishes.

A family friendly plot by Tom Howard Garden Design (Image credit: Tom Howard Garden Design)Tom Howard from Tom Howard Garden Design says, 'External porcelain is excellent for young families as many have a textured surface making it slip resistant. Garden design by Living Gardens (Image credit: Living Gardens)There are some dos and probably-don'ts when it comes to which plants to use in a child friendly garden.


How to Make Natural & Safe Homemade Weed Killer • The Garden

Ok, so you want to know how to make safe homemade weed killer? So lets check out these tutorials and homemade weed killer recipes and get a jump on weed season! Vinegar Based Homemade Weed KillerWe found this basic homemade weed killer recipe at ‘Saving Cent by Cent‘. 2 Quarts Boiling Tap WaterTeaspoon- Tablespoon SaltBorax Weed Killer RecipeBorax weed killer can be used in lawns, but use cautiously. So learn how to make safe homemade weed killer, and have another tool in your gardening know-how arsenal. .

Playground Safety (for Parents)

Why Is Playground Safety Important? You can make the playground entertaining and safe for your kids by checking equipment for possible hazards and following some simple safety guidelines. Adult Supervision Is KeyAdults can help prevent injuries by making sure kids properly use playground equipment. Teaching Kids About Playground SafetyAnother key part of playground safety: Kids must know how to be safe and act responsibly at the playground. Always wear a helmet while bike riding, but take it off while on playground equipment. .

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