A growing number of home gardeners are turning to constructed gardens, like raised beds, to maximize their garden efforts. Composite wood for garden beds is a popular choice since it's resistant to rot and decay.

Tip You can use composite decking for projects in your garden. Those who are elderly, handicapped or who have back problems may find using raised beds a more comfortable way to garden.

Composite Lumber DetailsWhat is composite wood? .

10 Outdoor Projects You Can Build with Composite Decking Boards

Spartan to elegant, there’s a bench design to suit every decor. Build the bench using composite decking boards, and there is no risk of splinters or warping.

According to goatstand.com, who sells this goat milking stanchion on Etsy, “An extra stool by the side is not necessary. It’s made of composite decking boards, treated wood and heavy-duty hardware. If you have goats, perhaps you also have a garden and need one of these 13 amazing scarecrows to protect it. .

Hey Mr. Green: Composite Lumber: Okay or Not?

Hey Mr. Green,I belong to the Cool Cities group Cool Joliet. We have a controversy over raised beds in a community garden. Should we use cedar wood or composite lumber for the beds? Composite lumber is a greener choice for raised beds.

Composite lumber is also slow to deteriorate, as I can testify from use of it in my own raised beds. .

How to Install a Composite Raised Garden

Whether you enjoy the beauty of flowers, the harvest of vegetables or the convenience of homegrown spices, installing a composite raised garden bed is a great way to start. Start your next landscaping or gardening adventure by learning how to install a composite raised garden, whether with an installation kit or DIY approach.

Raised garden beds reduce the chances of flooding or overwatering, making them especially useful for areas with heavy rains. Raised garden beds reduce the chances of flooding or overwatering, making them especially useful for areas with heavy rains.

There are several other benefits to a composite raised garden bed, including:Sustainability: Composite wood comes from a blend of wood fibers and recycled materials, such as plastics and decking. .

Choosing the Best Materials for Raised Garden Beds ~ Homestead

Types of Wood to Make Raised Garden BedsCedar or RedwoodCedar and redwood are the two best choices of wood to build raised garden beds with. We use wine barrels as raised garden beds extensively in our garden! Metal Raised Garden BedsMetal raised garden beds are becoming increasingly popular! Unlike wood raised beds, metal beds will not rot over time, swell and shrink with moisture, or require much upkeep. Making Raised Garden Beds from Concrete, Brick or Cinder BlocksLike those made from metal, raised garden beds constructed from concrete pavers, cinderblocks, or brick have the potential to be supremely durable and sturdy. .

Use Composite Decking to Make Durable Planter Boxes

Use composite decking to make durable planter boxes alongside a deck or walkway. What is composite decking? Composite decking is an alternative to traditional wood decking. Use Composite Decking to Make Durable Planter BoxesYou may have tried composite decking for a deck project, but did you know you can use it for planter boxes as well? Click here to learn more about composite decking and all of the decking available at Tague Lumber.


All About Raised-Bed Gardens

Seaman, who shares his gardening know-how online at Eartheasy.com, has been growing vegetables in raised beds for nearly 40 years. Build a Raised Garden Bed from Scratch or a KitBoth are viable options, but if you’re looking for out-of-the-ordinary materials, kits ease the process.

Tip: Before building or setting a raised bed in place, make sure—by excavating, if necessary—that it will be resting on level ground. Shown: two of The Farmstead’s 24-by-72-by-8-inch raised garden bed kits, $100 each; Garden Raised BedsBuilt-In BenchesNarrow edges don’t make for comfortable seating. Here, wood benches are fastened to the bed’s sides, offering a perch for tending vegetables or taking in the view. .

How to Build a Raised Garden Bed: Best Kits and DIY Plans

But not all raised bed systems are the same. So why should you bother assembling or building a raised bed garden? Benefits of raised bed gardeningThere are a lot of great reasons to build raised beds that contain and protect your garden soil. Less tillingRaised garden beds require less tilling than traditional, in-ground beds.

For more benefits, see 10 Reasons to Add Raised Garden Beds to Your Garden. .

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